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Washington Huskies Football Links: Bouncing Back from a Tough Loss

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The Huskies are 0–1, but their path to a conference championship and a playoff berth is still alive and well.

Auburn v Washington Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Washington vs. Auburn Full Game Broadcast

SB Nation — Auburn-Washington showed exactly how important the red zone is

Richard Johnson breaks down the Washington Huskies’s disappointing red zone production from Saturday’s game against the Auburn Tigers, saying that it illustrates the importance of finding the end zone when playing against an elite defense:

Auburn won, 21-16, and the reasons why Washington lost are clear: missed opportunities on Auburn’s side of the field. Promising drives ended with field goals instead of touchdowns. Failing to make the most of opportunities against a defense like Auburn’s will get you beat.

“You get in the red zone, you’ve got to be very detail oriented, and you’re splitting hairs down there,” Huskies coach Chris Petersen said after the game. “And against a good defense, if you don’t have your details taken care of, you’re going to end up kicking too many field goals.”

The Seattle Times — What we learned from the UW Huskies’ 21-16 loss to Auburn

Adam Jude examines how the path to Washington’s end-season goals have changed following Saturday’s loss to Auburn, and concludes that while Jake Browning and the Washington passing game appear to be much improved, the Huskies’ third-down defense and running game have to show out better than they did last weekend if the Dawgs are to compete for a Pac-12 championship.

The Seattle Times — Huskies fail once again to get a signature victory outside of Pac-12 competition

Larry Stone pens a lament of Washington’s failure to once again secure a signature victory against one of college football’s elite programs. The key takeaway from his column:

In the end, the Huskies went across the country, without their All-American tackle Trey Adams, and put themselves in position to [win the game]. It wasn’t a case of being overmatched, though Auburn was as formidable as advertised; it was a case of, in Petersen’s summation, not taking care of details. In many ways, that made the outcome even more frustrating.

The Athletic — Six thoughts from Washington’s loss to Auburn

Christian Caple singles out the handful of factors that decided the outcome of Saturdays game. Of particular note are Big Kat Bryant’s non-call targeting against Jake Browning, Washington’s failed red zone performances and his belief that the Huskies’ playoff hopes are alive and well.

USA Today — It is not fair to judge Washington off Saturday’s close loss to Auburn in SEC country

Dan Wolken writes that Washington deserves credit rather than scorn for traveling across the country to play a psuedo-home game against one of the SEC’s top programs and coming within one possession of earning a statement victory. On the other hand, he says:

But who are we kidding? This is college football, where none of those things seem to matter at all.

The truth is, Washington’ 21-16 loss to Auburn means that for the next three months, the Huskies will have to answer for why they couldn’t get it done in a de facto SEC road game no matter how good they look against the Pac-12. In a sport where perception is often the degree that separates one team from another, Washington might have locked theirs in on Sept. 1.

USA Today — Winners and losers of college football’s Week 1 headlined by Maryland

Paul Myerberg includes the whole of the Pac-12 conference in his “week one losers” category on the basis of UW’s defeat in Atlanta:

The loss to Auburn still does a number to the national reputation of the Pac-12, which suffered from last year’s disaster of a showing in bowl play and really needed a win from UW to regain some respect from the other Power Five leagues. And, most of all, from the playoff selection committee.

Sports Illustrated — Auburn Makes a Name for Itself by Grinding Past Washington

Andy Staples gives the Tigers credit for making fewer mistakes than the Huskies Saturday, but also says that the Dawgs will have a tough time making peace with all of the missed opportunities they had to capitalize, especially in the second half. Nevertheless, Staples joins the chorus of observers who believe that Washington still controls its destiny with regard to a playoff berth.

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