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Husky Game Awards: Arizona State Edition

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The Huskies took care of business against the Sun Devils Saturday night. Here are a few of the Huskies who stood out in their 27-20 victory.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Offense: Jake Browning, 15/22, 202 yards, 3 TDs

Jake Browning has taken quite a bit of criticism from Huskies fans throughout the first three weeks of the season, but the senior single caller put together a very solid performance on Saturday. He looked confident and comfortable in the pocket, and made very few mistakes throughout the game. His touchdown passes to both Ty Jones and Cade Otten were also beautifully thrown balls. The most encouraging aspect of his performance was his ability to climb up into the pocket to extend the play. That is a skill that many Huskies fans have wanted to see Browning improve, and he did a great job of it on Saturday. A tip of the hat also needs to go to the Huskies offensive line. The unit responded well after a rather poor outing last week, as they gave Browning plenty of time in the pocket all game. They also did a great job of picking up ASU’s blitzes and pressures throughout the game. The Sun Devils defense is far from the best unit the Huskies will see all year, but it is still encouraging that the offensive line seemed to improve significantly in just one week.

Defense: Ben Burr-Kirven: 20 Tackles, 24 solo, .5 tackles for loss

No, you don’t need to get your vision checked, Ben Burr-Kirven really did record 20 tackles on Saturday, 14 of which were solo tackles. Add in the fact that BBK also forced two fumbles, and recovered one of the fumbles he forced and it was one of the most impressive performances by a Huskies linebacker in recent memory. Burr-Kirven seemed to be all over the field Saturday, whether he was sniffing out wide receiver screens or filling the gaps to stop the run. The senior Linebacker has 53 total tackles on the season, and looks to be on track for first team All-Conference honors. The linebacker position group looks to be one of the few weak links on the Huskies defense, which makes Burr-Kirven’s performance just that more important.

My runner-up here would be the Huskies secondary, particularly Jordan Miller. Why? Because they held Sun Devils standout wide receiver to just 20 receiving yards on the day, and Miller seemed to be matched up on Harry for most of the game. At one point he made a very impressive play, knocking what would’ve been a double digit gain out of Harry’s hands at the last minute. Harry may be the strongest receiver in the country, so it was no small feat by Miller to knock the ball out of his hands.