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Dots: Lights. Camera. Media Day.

The football offseason is almost over. That plus updates on Isaiah Thomas, Markelle Fultz and Carl Yuan.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Dots, just for you.

Pac 12 Media Day kicks off on Wednesday.

Hard to believe that the Pac 12 Media Day is upon us. We will have real actual news about college football this week!

Washington will be sending Jake Browning (of course) and JoJo McIntosh (slightly surprising) as their two representatives with their media interviews happening at 10:30am PT on the PAC12 Network.


Excuse me, Mr. Coach. Could we tell the truth?

Austin Meeks of the Register-Guard notes that getting the truth out of head coaches on Media Day can sometimes be a challenge. Imagining for a moment that this wasn’t the case and that every Pac 12 head coach was required to consume a truth serum before taking the podium, he highlights the questions he’d ask each individual coach.

He starts with Chris Petersen.

Reaching new heights.

This was cool.

Cold-blooded and looking for redemption.

Read ESPN’s one on one conversation with Isaiah Thomas. Feel his pain. Embrace his struggle. Prepare for his comeback.

The Fixer.

Who exactly is Drew Hanlen and what does he have to do with former Husky Markelle Fultz? More importantly, what does the immediate future hold for the top-pick of the NBA draft after a disappointing and controversial first year in the league?

The greatest setting.

Sister site Bruins Nation is running their own unique set of preseason opponent previews by focusing on the football tradition and history of the teams on their schedule. They call the stream “The Deep Cut” and, in their latest edition, take a look at UW.

Bird that hole, Carl.

Husky golfer Carl Yuan won in China this weekend with a strong close at the Qingdao Championship.

Their worst nightmares.

Our friends at Block U are starting a project looking at Utah’s football opponents this season. Step one is to re-evaluate their initial impressions about the difficulty of each individual program they face now that we know what we know about the NFL Draft, transfer season and spring ball.

Needless to say, their thoughts on UW may have morphed a little bit.

A Podcast for your commute.

Joel McHale is funny.

If you are interested in the hot takes coming from former Husky tight end turned international man of comedy, be sure to check out Danny O’Neill’s interview with Joel McHale.

Who do ya’ got?

So far, it’s looking like UW is the favorite of the Twitterverse.