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Dots: Coolest job title ever

Husky legend becomes a Director of Legends.

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We’re about a week away from Pac-12 Meda Day, meaning the transition from off-season to talking season has commenced. While the SEC has FOUR DAYS of media madness, the Pac-12 wraps it all into one day - this year on July 25th. We’ll have full coverage when that comes around.

This also means slim-pickins’ in the link department. But rest assured, football season is steaming towards us.

To the Dots!

  • How many people can claim a cooler job title than the former UW receiver?

  • 44 Days now:

  • Offense or defense, being super efficient has always stood out as a pillar of Chris Petersen’s football philosophy. Even with the offensive issues, Washington was still 3rd in points per play:

All for today. GO DAWGS!