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Dots: Could it BE any more offseason?

Rally the troops, it’s s*^&posting time. Also some recruiting stuff, and a bit of info on Hunter Bryant.

Fresno State v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Oh hey there and happy Tuesday. Is there anything cool happening with the Dawgs today? I mean, probably not, cuz it’s early-July, but here’s the few dots we could scrounge up anyway:

  • Football Scoop is discussing the most important assistant coach hires, and number 15 is a Dawg.

Bwahaha I love Kelsey Plum:

And now, in true offseason form, let the shitposting begin:

Lastly in the “offseason shitposting” category, you’ll recall perhaps that last year around this time, I penned this best thing ever written in the history of language hot piece of garbage.

I contemplated doing another of those this year but then just threw it up on Twitter. Since posting everything in this glorious thread would double the size of an otherwise uneventful dots day, I’ll refrain, but if you’d like to see what becomes of WSU, Utah, Dubs, and the like, click on. (I think you’ll particularly enjoy UCLA.)

As always, do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.