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Dots: Entering the Elite?

Is it time to consider UW among the nation’s surest bets in college football?

Washington v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The offseason. I think the Cookie Monster speaks for us all:

It’s a slow time of year and it is hard to keep the motivation levels for posting high. Especially with summer vacations, barbecues, rounds of golf and trips to the lake on the agenda. I had a remarkable rack of ribs last night. And a great pinot. Summer is great if even if it sometimes feels like we are buying time until football starts.

(Just 10 weeks!)

Your friends at the ‘Pound are beginning to get their plans together for the fall. It will be fun revealing those as they firm up. Until then, keep dreaming about all things purple and gold until school gets back in session. And here are some dots to keep you going.

Among the Elite?

Chip Patterson of CBS Sports thinks that UW is one good season away from being counted among the five elite programs in all of college football as perennial college football playoff contenders. His expectations are high given that the Huskies are currently 2 win favorites over the next best PAC 12 contender going into 2018.

Spray and Pray

UW assistants Jimmy Lake and Will Harris put the UW / Oregon rivalry back in the spotlight after each of them retweeted a tweet from West Coast CFB that noted the very high volume of scholarship offers put out by Oregon relative to the number of offers put out by programs like Stanford and Washington.

Whether or not you approve of Oregon’s approach to recruiting, it is a fair question to ask whether or not the “spray and pray” method of recruiting is an effective strategy. Something I’m sure that more than one of you will have an opinion on.

Love for MPj

There has been some extensive nastiness floating around the Seattle sports scene concerning the topic of Michael Porter Jr and his tumble in the first round of the NBA draft. Though many outlets have declared MPj the proverbial “steal of the draft”, we still have a lot of sucker punching going on in the Seattle medial.

One guy not jumping on the hate train is UW head basketball coach Mike Hopkins. Coach Hop covered the NBA draft for Yahoo! Sports and, among his many highlights, came a staunch defense of Michael Porter.

“It’s a humbling experience, but at the end of the day someone is going to get lucky if he gets on a good team. And at the end of the day, he’s going to prove them all wrong like Pete says will probably be one of the great draft stories in the last 10 years.”

That’s a bold statement coming from the UW head coach. Whether or not it comes to fruition? We shall see.

Some Random Tweets

All sorts of good UW stuff in the stratosphere from the weekend.

Have a great week, Dawg Fans.