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Dots: Dissly climbing draft boards

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We also check in with Jake Locker and look at future non-conference schedules.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

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Football Dots

  • Everyone’s favorite Pac-12 writer Jon Wilner looks ahead each team’s non-conference schedules. How does UW grade out?

  • Jen Cohen being the lowest paid AD in the conference has been making the news recently. Here’s Wilner’s thoughts. (Sidebar: the top paid AD in the Pac-12 has fired 3 football coaches during his tenure.) Here’s to hoping Jen Cohen gets a substantial raise.

  • Bush Hamdan back in action for the Dawgs!

  • BBK might not have the flowing blond locks out of the back of his helmet, but he’s expected to lead what will be yet again one of the best defenses in the conference.

A Basketball Dot