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Huskies Steamrolled in 1st Half of 94-78 Defeat

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Washington gets swept by the Cardinal in what was seemingly a must-win game

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Maples Pavilion looked to be about 10% full at tipoff for the Huskies’ contest against Stanford. Apparently so were the Dawgs’ energy meters because they showed no fight in a 94-78 defeat in Palo Alto. Washington falls to 18-10 (8-7) and 6th place in the conference.

It was clear from the get go that the Huskies had no intention of making this a competition. Stanford got either a dunk or a point blank layup on each of their first 3 possessions and the Huskies had three turnovers at the under 16 timeout. A Dorian Pickens 3-pointer gave Stanford a 14-4 lead and it never got much closer than that.

Washington’s gameplan was clearly to force feed the ball to Noah Dickerson and hope to get Stanford’s bigs in foul trouble. Stanford countered by doubling Noah whenever he touched the ball and it worked. The Cardinal’s length bothered the Dawgs who repeatedly drove the ball inside with no success whatsoever.

On the other end of the floor Reid Travis did whatever he wanted. Repeatedly Travis flew into Sam Timmins or Noah Dickerson and with his strength just shot put the ball off the glass and into the basket from a few feet away. The Husky zone relies upon teams taking fade away jumpers but Stanford repeatedly drove into the chests of Washington’s big men with no resistance. Stanford made 12 of their first 18 shots from inside the arc and Reid Travis finished the first half with 23 points.

Washington tried to make an adjustment to shoot from the outside but as has too often been the case this year on the road they couldn’t hit water falling out of a boat. UW went 0-7 on three point shots in the first half as they fell behind 48-26 at half time.

The second half didn’t get much better for the Huskies. Washington continued its frigid shooting however Stanford finally started to slow down the scoring. The teams mostly traded baskets for the first 5 minutes of the half and Stanford had an extra basket to extend the lead out to 24.

But for the first time all game the Huskies were able to put together a run. Dominic Green ended Washington’s streak of 11 straight misses from deep and capped off a 14-3 run to bring the Dawgs to within 12 and leave them dreaming of a massive comeback.

That was short lived however as Stanford went on a 7-0 run in one minute including a technical foul on Coach Hopkins following a drive where UW seemingly got hacked which led to 2 points and a 3-pointer on the next possession to bring the deficit back to 19.

Over the next several minutes Crisp, Thybulle, and Nahziah Carter each hit shots from deep that allowed Washington to get back into it. Jaylen Nowell seemingly hit an and-1 that would allow the Dawgs to bring it within 12 again. But the refs called Nowell for UW’s second technical in a few minutes and then called Dominic Green for a ticky tack foul on the next possession.

Nahziah Carter looked like Washington’s best player in the last 8 minutes as he set a career high with 17 points. But the Huskies resorted to jacking up 3-pointers over the last several minutes and the brief run of deep shots eventually ran out and the lead was built back up when Stanford finally made free throws.

Noah Dickerson finished with 14 points and 12 rebounds but hardly played over the last 10 minutes. Jaylen Nowell finished with 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists but fouled out.

This loss, which makes 4 of 5, puts a massive dent in the Huskies’ NCAA chances. At this point UW needs to win their last 3 and probably also win 2 in the Pac-12 tournament to have a chance.


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