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Deja Vu: Beavs shock Dawgs

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Thompson sinks UW with another late game 3 in a 97-94 2OT OSU victory

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Thompson, Jr. did it again to the Huskies as UW dropped a double overtime game against the Oregon State Beavers getting swept this week and likely undoing any goodwill they earned from last week’s victories.

The Huskies fell to 7-5 in conference (17-8) while the Beavers moved to 5-7 in conference (13-11). Thompson downed the Huskies in 2016 in Corvallis with a 3 pointer to beat UW and erase any hopes of getting a tourney invitation that year. This one hurt just as bad.

The Huskies seemingly had the game in control up 67-54 with 8:24 to go and the Beavers mounted a comeback against a Huskies defense that had no answers.

Simply put, the Dawgs took defeat out of the hands of victory.

Turnovers and hot shooting helped the Beavers get this win.

Oregon St. seemingly erased the 13-point lead without much effort as the Beavers were unconscious from 3-point range and when they weren’t scoring from behind-the-arc, they would feed the middle of the zone to Tres Tinkle for whatever he wanted in the middle. Tinkle led the Beavs with 29 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists. The Beavers shot 55% for the game and were 9-13 from 3 but a lot of those three pointers were in the second half. They also had 27 assists to the Huskies meager 13.

The Huskies were sloppy with the ball most of the night and ended with 19 turnovers.

The game was tight in the first half with the Huskies seemingly having the upper hand ending the first half up 36-30. However, the Beavers were rarely disrupted by the 2-3 zone of Mike Hopkins. In fact, they shot over 50% from the field. Tinkle was able to work inside, sealing the post and able to get easy shots. OSU was well-versed in penetrating the zone.

Oregon State tied the game at 80 to send it to overtime. It was tied once again at 87 after Stephen Thompson, Jr. missed two free throws with 3.3 seconds left in the first OT. Of course, Thompson was just waiting for the second OT with a 3 pointer with just 0.2 on the clock after Dominic Green split a pair of free throws to tie the game at 94.

The surprising sub of the first half was Naz Carter. He was put in early and had a nice early drive into the paint. He then took a pass from the three-point line and drove for a jam to tie the score as 12. He followed that up with a put-back dunk. Then on a breakaway it was mixtape time with a reverse double pump. I suggest you check ESPN for the full replay on the last two.

Speaking of subs, Hameir Wright and Michael Carter III did not play at all. This left big work for David Crisp at point and for Noah Dickerson and Sam Timmins to deal with Tinkle.

Noah Dickerson had another great game for the Huskies with 28 points and 12 rebounds. He also became a member of the 1,000-point club for the Huskies with his performance tonight. He was able to get into the middle of the defense and do what he does best: score in the paint. Jaylen Nowell added 23 points, 5 boards and 4 assists. But, he also had 7 turnovers. The old 1-4 at the end of the game did not work for Nowell as well as the Beavers defended it well forcing Nowell into tough shots. Yet, instead of passing, he took them.

Joe Lunardi had the Dawgs as one of the 4 last in according to ESPN the day before the OSU game. The Dawgs will probably fall out of the bracketology this week but have a chance to regain momentum at home against Utah on Thursday and Colorado on Saturday.

Some thoughts on the game…

Overall, defense and turnovers were not good. OSU exposed the zone and it did not help that players were not rotating quick enough or boxing out when they should. To compound that issue, the turnovers were just unacceptable for this team when they aren’t playing good defense.

Everyone loves to make excuses about David Crisp but he is not very good at the point. While I applauded him for his play against Kansas and against the Arizona schools, he’s a momentum killer with the need to put up 3-point shots at inopportune times. Up 67-54, he forced a 3-pointer when a pick and roll broke down. OSU comes down and scores to bring the Beavers to 10. Dickerson made a layup after the Dawgs throw it inside to him. It was followed by a Tinkle 3 making the score 69-60. Crisp then takes a three from the wing and tries to rebound the ball. But, a Beaver leaked out on the play leaving an easy two. As point guard, Crisp has to know where everyone is on the court and whose responsibility it is to have “back” in those situations. Crisp had some bad turnovers in the game. The court awareness is just not there.

Dominic Green was an early sub in this game but did nothing. The hero of the Arizona game played like he did last year: not good. He was 0-4 from the field (all 3s) and was late on closeouts on defense. He was also could not help in boxing out or rebounding. The Dawgs had a considerable advantage on rebounds at the beginning of the game but that turned as OSU began their run.

Matisse Thybulle had 15 points and 4 steals but he was caught watching on defense on several occasions. The announcers said that the team had been dealing with a “bug” so maybe he had the effect of an illness.