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Q&A With Husky Commit And All American Defensive Lineman

Q&A With Huskies Commit

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This last week I had the chance to catch up with a UW commit to see what he has been up to. 4 star defensive tackle Jacob Bandes from Pittsburg, HS, CA is getting ready to sign with the Huskies on the 20th of December and enroll in January. Jacob was also recently named an Army All American and will play in the Army Bowl the first weekend of January. He will be joining current Husky commits Asa Turner and Faatui Tuitele down in San Antonio. Here is a video of him receiving his jersey:

Here is some of what Jacob had to say:

Getting that Army Bowl invite was probably exciting for you and your family and school.

Yes sir.

Are you going to be hanging out with any of the current Husky commits and targets at the game.

Yes sir, all of the commits that are headed down there, I think Tuitele will be heading down there with me.

Did you see that Faatui Tuitele committed and what did you think?

Yes sir, he told me he was really, really interested like a month before he committed. I was just keeping it on the down low, honestly I feel like we’re gonna be the dynamic duo over there, on the line.

How far did your team make it this year in the playoffs?

We lost the first playoff game to De La Salle HS, CA.

Are you talking to any of the kids from De La Salle who UW is after?

Yeah, I’m trying to get Henry To’oto’o but everyone wants Henry, he’s a really phenomenal player. It would be awesome if he came to UW.

What are you doing now that your seasons over? Are you lifting weights, reading some playbooks, what are you doing?

I am basically working out, trying to get ready for the Army game and UW.

Are you’re coming for the last weekend in December right?

December 14th, and 15th.

Did you watch the Apple Cup this last weekend?

I caught the game and oh man, it was like second quarter there was no snow, third quarter was all snow.

What do you think about playing in the snow in apple cup?

I’ve honestly never played in the snow before, I can’t wait for it, I can’t wait for Apple Cup.

What’s your current height and weight?

6’3 and around three hundred pounds.

Are you still planning on enrolling in January?

Yes sir

I will have a recruiting Roundup tomorrow and as always follow me @asieverkropp.