Cuog Joke Time!

Mike Price dies and goes to heaven. God meets him at the Pearly Gates and says "Mike you've been a faithful Christian and a great cuog who's legacy was sullied a bit at the end to say the least BUT your faith in me hasn't wavered. I want to show you around a bit, but first I want to show you the beautiful home I've prepared for you". God and Mike walk around the corner and down the street. God stops and points to a beautiful 1500 square foot rambler. It's freshly painted in Crimson and Gray with various cuog ornaments, flags and a giant stuffed "Butch" in the middle of the front yard. "What do you think Mike, isn't it nice!" God asks with a huge smile on his face. Mike isn't smiling, he's staring up at the giant Purple and Gold castle that's up on a hill looming over the top of Mike's tiny rambler. The castle has huge purple and gold "big W" flags flying at every tower. "Tequila" is sweetly being sung over the valley by a chorus of beautiful Angels, also attired in Purple and Gold. Several "DAWG PACKS" of "Dubs" energetically run the perimeter of the castle. Mike turns to God and says "Why is Don James' house so much bigger than mine?" "Don James' house? That's MY house Mike".