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Dots: Mid-season musings

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Grades, awards, and recognition for Huskies as the season is half over. Plus, looking ahead to Colorado.

NCAA Football: North Dakota at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like the season started yesterday and yet here we are seven weeks in. The close losses have hurt, but a trip to The Rose Bowl is still within striking distance if the Huskies take care of business. Lots of links on that and the Colorado game on Saturday.

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Football Dots

  • Two high school QBs in the state of Washington. Dylan Morris, committed to UW. Cale Millen (son of former Husky QB Hugh), committed to Oregon. A couple years ago, Morris was the clear choice for the Huskies to take. But has the gap closed?

  • Has the secondary been as good as we expected this year? And Beavers...ouch.

  • And finally, a podcast previewing this weekend’s game, from the Colorado perspective: