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Dots: the Ice Cream Man returns

Myles Gaskin, non-revenue sports and Markelle Fultz. Let’s chat.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 28 UCLA at Washington Photo by Jesse Beals/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Monday, Dawg fans. The big news of the of day is the return of the Ice Cream Man.

Washington Dots

  • Ryan Clark gives us three reasons that Myles Gaskin’s return for his senior season will benefit UW. Spoiler alert: he forgot to add the #1 reason. Gaskin is simply awesome.
  • Softy had the chance to touch base with Gaskin
  • Speaking of which, Myles had a really funny little clip on his Twitter feed that has nothing to do with him coming back but is really funny and worth a look:

PAC 12 Dots

  • Kevin Sumlin is officially the head coach at the University of Arizona.
  • There are several interesting little tidbits attached to the Sumlin story. Of most interest is the fact that star QB Khalil Tate may have steered the focus from primary target Ken Niumataolo to Sumlin. Funny, I hadn’t pegged Tate as a prima donna.
  • Sumlin will apparently be bringing with him former UCLA OC Noel Mazzone and retaining current Arizona DC Marcel Yates. Both moves are very solid decisions that should provide some stability for the program.
  • has an interesting read on the state of the PAC 12 and asks the fundamental question as to whether or not it is time for Oregon to bail on the PAC. (well, if you must ...)

Let’s talk Huskies.