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Mailbag: “This Title for Sale or Rent” Edition

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Rents In Los Angeles Rise At Fastest Pace In Nine Years
Same with this caption.
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Facts about Montana, grizzlies, and the Montana Grizzlies:

  • The largest nesting population of common loons in the western United States is located just north of Missoula.
  • The Montana Yogo Sapphire is the only North American gem to be included in the Crown Jewels of England.
  • 46 of the 56 counties in Montana have a population density less than six people per square mile.
  • Montana is the only state with water that eventually flows into the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and Hudson Bay. This divide occurs at Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park.
  • The official animal of Montana is the grizzly bear, and there are more grizzlies in Montana than anywhere else in the lower 48.
  • Grizzly bears are a subspecies of Brown Bear, and can be identified by the large hump of muscle on their backs, as well as the white tips on the fur of their shoulders and back, which gives them their “grizzled” look.
  • Grizzlies can stand up to eight feet tall on two legs, and weigh up to 1,400 pounds.
  • 75% of a grizzly’s diet is comprised of berries, leaves, and nuts. They may eat up to 90 pounds of food per day in prime months.
  • Grizzly bear mating season is from late spring through early summer, but females don’t become pregnant until they enter hibernation - the embryo won’t begin development until satisfactory conditions are met. Birth takes place while the females hibernate.
  • A grizzly can run at speeds up to 30 miles per hour.
  • The speed limit at the University of Montana is also 30 miles per hour.
  • That last part may or may not be true - I have no idea or real interest in knowing, but I needed a transition.
  • The University of Montana was actually called Montana State University from 1917 to 1965. When it was changed back, Montana State College was promoted to full-fledged University. But imagine actually being named your rival for a 50-year period.
  • Roaming livestock and horses entering the campus used to be a big enough problem that a large wooden fence was constructed around the entire university.
  • The Oval, a three acre swath of grass, is the traditional center of campus. Originally, students were forbidden from crossing The Oval in order to protect the perfectly manicured grass.
  • The football team has won or shared 11 of the last 16 Big Sky championships, and was national champions in 1995 and 2001.
  • Notable alums include Carroll O’Connor (Archie Bunker in “All in the Family,” “In the Heat of the Night), Jeff Ament (founding member of Pearl Jam, and one-time Griz basketball player), Jack Horner (but not the Jack Horner from “Boogie Nights”), Larry Krystkowiak (Utah Utes head basketball coach), Jeannette Rankin (first woman to serve in the US Congress, women’s rights activist), and Harold Urey (Noble Prize in Chemistry).
  • I know a guy that went there. He lives in Michigan now.


Uhm Oline.. 1st game together or bigger issues...RG?


Should we be worried about struggling versus Rutgers?

UWDP: Nobody on the offensive line played what they’d consider their “best game” at Washington, so I would stop well short of singling anyone out.

The first thing I want to do is give some credit to Rutgers’s defensive line. They played well on Friday.

Slow starts offensively have been the norm for Washington under Chris Petersen. Last year was no different. I didn’t see a reason the running game wouldn’t come out strong in 2017, so it was a disappointing surprise. I’m not actually going to worry right now (at least that’s what I’m telling myself), though. We’ve seen basically this entire cast of characters run the ball very well together. I fully expect they’re going to find success, soon.

The Huskies didn’t ever get into a rhythm in the first half on offense. Only 23 snaps. The power run was a hugely successful aspect of the rushing attack last season, and there was only one power in the first half on Friday. There were more “wide” rushing attempts than we usually saw. The offensive line was actually closer than the lack of success would actually appear in the first half; those same plays largely worked in the second. I’m going to chalk things up to 1) Petersen wanting to do certain things in the game plan, that might not be part of it going forward when the team really needs to move the ball; 2) Rutgers playing pretty well, and 3) simply not the Huskies’ best game.

It’s worth remembering that the rushing attack was a major concern the first three games in 2016. Things worked out okay. The team settled in once the trial period expired.

Husky Napes:

what is Landon's victory bourbon?

UWDP: A wine spritzer.


Where or from whom will we generate more of a pass rush?!?

UWDP: This might be the biggest question on defense right now. Greg Gaines, Vita Vea, and Jaylen Johnson were mostly held in check, and none of the outside linebackers played particularly well.

I think the answer mostly comes from improvement from the guys we have. Tevis Bartlett and Benning Potoa’e were first-time starters. Both had played extensively, but not with the same expectations. We’ve seen both play better than they did Friday. They get a week to watch film, see their mistakes, and get better. Both played better in the second half Friday than the first, which is a good thing.

On the line, I won’t be at all surprised if Johnson ends up being the most disruptive force in the pass rush. He doesn’t have the sheer strength or bulk of Vea or Gaines, but he’s a really effective penetrator on the line.

The only real “new” thing we may see is Azeem Victor on the outside. Petersen suggested this might be the case. File that tidbit under “We’ll See.....”

Rutgers’ passing attack was designed to neutralize the pass rush. Lots and lots of short passes.

Jon May:

Is it time to panic or just tip your hat to Petersen for playing games with the rest of college football?

UWDP: I lean toward the latter. As hard as it is for me to admit some times, he seems like he knows what he’s doing. He’s a lot better at playing the long game as a coach than I am at watching it as a fan.


Are you concerned that a RS-FR, Ryan Bowman is getting snaps before Warren, Williams & Rice?

UWDP: Yeah, a little. Great effort by Bowman, but I don’t think he played all that well. I find it a little hard to believe that Petersen et al. simply found a guy that everyone else in the football world entirely missed, and that that guy is better than three players Petersen himself deemed worthy of scholarships. But, it’s important to note that Bowman was in the game very early (within the first five or six plays), and he actually started the first series in the second half.

We’ll see what happens this week. Whether Bowman’s playing time was a reward for his practice effort, a motivational ploy for the other guys, or that Bowman simply earned it with his play, he was the guy the coaches trusted to play on Friday. None of the rest got snaps.


I see that offensive linemen - particularly the tackles when pass blocking - align themselves further away from the ball than for a running play. What is the rule that defines the line of scrimmage for an offensive lineman, and how far back is it "legal" for him to line up behind it? Is this rule ever enforced and what is the penalty for violating it?

UWDP: GeddyT posted the rule in a question near the bottom here (he’s actually posted it in every single thread this week, sent me numerous emails, called my house, stalked my daughters at school, and generally spent great effort telling me how right he was, and how wrong I am).

The penalty would be an “illegal formation, not enough men on the line of scrimmage.” It’s called, but not with a high level of frequency.

Jon May:

Will Jim Mora be fired before the season ends?

UWDP: He might just decide to stop showing up.

Frankly, he isn’t really a necessary part of UCLA’s team.

Relative Conference Strength:

Rank 'em


  1. SEC
  2. Tie: Pac 12/B14G
  3. ACC
  4. Big 12. Go Baylor. Go Texa


Why no Mcgrew ?

UWDP: There was some talk that he might have been a little banged up. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Either way, he’s 4th string, behind Myles Gaskin, Lavon Coleman, and Salvon Ahmed. The team had a total of 22 rushes. Gaskin only had seven. The game was too close. Sean McGrew may end up being a great player, but right now, he’s a pretty deep reserve.


Who on the team has the best chance of winning the Heisman: Jake, Dante, Gaskin, or someone on D?

UWDP: Jake Browning, and there isn’t a close second. The only way anyone else even gets in the conversation is 1) Dante Pettis catches 90+ passes for 1,300 yards and 17 TDs while also returning four punts for touchdowns (not happening), or 2) Gaskin runs for 2,000+ yards and 25 TDs (also not happening).

Chris Petersen’s offense isn’t great for guys looking to rack up giant individual statistics. Jake Browning isn’t dual-threat-y enough. Somebody is going to pass for 3,500 yards and rush for another 1,000 while accounting for 45-50 TDs (but it won’t be Lamar Jackson). If that doesn’t happen, Baker Mayfield is going to win, and show us his dance moves.


Will the North leader be decided by the Apple Cup?

UWDP: I doubt it.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that WSU is the fourth-best team in the North, but the fifth best in the entire conference (and that could apply to any team in the North depending on how the season shakes out).


Am mistaken that their big back gave us some trouble? What other big backs might give us trouble in future games?

UWDP: Gus Edwards ran well at key times. Overall, he didn’t actually do a ton of damage - 24 carries for 79 yards, with a long of 13.

Royce Freeman at Oregon is a big guy (230 pounds) that is going to get yards if he’s healthy. Ryan Nall at Oregon State is as well. Kalen Ballage at ASU is a big, power back.

I don’t really think it’s a certain “style” of back that’s going to give Washington more problems vs any other. Last year, Arizona had a little tiny scat back that was shredding the defense until he got hurt. Good running backs come in all sizes.

Chosen Rosen:

I just wont he Heisman tonight, right? That Durnaldo and Brahning guy are just milquetoast after my gun show, right?

UWDP: You’re certainly in the conversation, Josh. It’s certainly going to help that people won’t remember at the end of the year that two of your TDs were absolutely horrendous passes.


So far this season The OSU Beavers are the only PAC12 school to lose an OoC game, which PAC12 team if any will lose this coming Saturday Sept.7th?

UWDP: I guarantee with 100% certainty that no Pac 12 team will lose on Saturday September 7th. Lead pipe lock. Take it to the bank.

On Saturday, September 9th, Arizona, ASU, and Oregon are the most likely to lose. I think only Arizona does, though.


Why can't the SEC recruit QB's? I mean I know Georgia snagged Easton from us, but really what is Florida's problem? I would take KJ over literally any SEC QB out there.

UWDP: It might appear that it’s an SEC problem, but it’s actually fairly universal to all of college football. It’s a tough position to fill, and the “hit” rate in recruiting is exceedingly low.

The SEC has 1) a lot of teams, and 2) a lot of highly-ranked teams that we see struggle with their QB play. Really, the ACC isn’t faring any better. Outside of Baker Mayfield, who do you want out of the Big 12?

Oregon Dawg:

The Importance of non conf games: The PAC 12 got wins against the SEC, ACC and the Big 10, and one loss to a Mountain West team (go Bevs!). The rest of the games were tune ups and don't matter unless you lose. How's the conference perceived now? and which power 5 conf did the worst?

UWDP: The sample size is way too small right now. The SEC is carried in large part by Alabama’s win over Florida State. The B14G was helped by Michigan’s win over Florida. Outside of those two games, there wasn’t anything that approached being a “marquee matchup” last week.

USC was played way too tough by Western Michigan. Washington didn’t exactly dominate. Those two games hurt. UCLA’s win over Texas A&M helps some, but that game was just a little too wild to use to make sweeping conclusions.

The Big 12 probably fared the worst. Baylor lost to FCS Liberty at home, and ranked Texas proved that they aren’t close to being back in a loss to Maryland at home.


I've been a lurker for a few years and I'm impressed. How do you guys write such in-depth articles about other teams? Read blogs about them? Watch film?

UWDP: The guys that do those previews definitely put a ton of work into them. Chris Landon does his full Pac 12 series, and then different people do breakdowns heading in to each game. They’d have to answer what stuff they use to write them. Maybe they will in the comments...

Provo Head, Seattle Heart:

Hey, Brad, two questions for you:

1) How much of the Rutgers game struggles were due to the long road trip, first game jitters, other Washington errors, and Rutgers actually being a good team?

2) Where do you think we can expect the most improvement in the team as a whole against Montana?

UWDP: 50% due to the long road trip, 50% due to first game jitters, 50% other Washington errors, and 50% due to Rutgers being better than expected.

It’s nearly impossible for us fans to gauge improvement against a team like Montana. Even though the results and individual efforts will probably look better, they might not actually be, against a team that’s pretty much overmatched athletically and in sheer numbers (remember, Montana has 22 fewer scholarship players than do the Huskies).


Did Salvon A play? Did Sean Mc travel? Did Ariel make it back to the team?

UWDP: Salvon Ahmed had one carry, and that’s the only snap I can remember seeing him take on offense. I don’t know if or how much he played on special teams. I don’t recall seeing Sean McGrew on the sidelines or the field, but wasn’t paying any special attention to him. The last I heard, Ariel Ngata had met NCAA clearinghouse standards, but his scores increased so much that the NCAA was giving them a little extra “attention” in the same way that happened with Desmond Trufant back in 2009. I don’t know this for sure, but I think one of the As in “NCAA” stands for “Arbitrary,” so no there’s no sense or urgency or timetable in clearing Ngata.


I get that we had a slow start and that there are definitely some questions going into week 2, but how much of that worry would have been alleviated if we had converted each of the 3 field goals into touchdowns? 42-14 sounds way better

UWDP: That obviously makes the final score look a lot better, but all it really would do is serve to mask problems, not alleviate them. And when you get right down to it, that’s what happened in 2016 against Rutgers. Three big pass plays and two kick returns for TDs distracted us from the fact that the offense mostly stalled, and the running game was pretty bad.

husky dog:

Is the team wearing Vicis helmets this year?

UWDP: No, not this year. I don’t know if there are any plans to reintroduce them in the future.

Pdx Dawg:

It appears our Oline didn't perform up to our expectations, how much responsibility/blame is to be given to the New Oline coach and how much to the players? Should we be concerned term concern with this new coach? Or was this a combination of Rutgers stacking the box and our fairly vanilla playcalling?

UWDP: Scott Huff is the professional, so if you feel the need to assign blame, give him 100%. I’d point out that things were a lot closer to working in the first half than it probably appeared, and the same plays that didn’t work in the first half, did in the second.

I’m not concerned at this point. There isn’t enough data.

Like I said before, Rutgers deserves credit, especially on the D-line. They played well.

I probably wouldn’t term the play calling “vanilla,” but I would say there were things that the team focused on in the running game that they didn’t utilize near as much in 2016 - particularly the wide “stretch” play.


One game overreaction: Like Browning 2 years ago, is it time to unleash the freshman receivers? Talent over experience?

UWDP: Ty Jones is the only freshman receiver that’s spent any appreciable time working with this offense. I’m sure the rest of those guys’ heads are spinning right now.

No, not yet.

I’m also not as worried about the receivers as others are. Yet.


Which true frosh played avainst Rutgers?


Who were the true freshmen to play in the Rutgers game? And at what point does the Redshirt year get burned? Its always a bit confusing to me. Thanks!

UWDP: Salvon Ahmed had one carry, and Hunter Bryant had one reception. Keith Taylor was, unfortunately, beaten for Rutgers’ second touchdown, but he simply tripped. I saw Elijah Molden on special teams. According to the participation report, Brandon McKinney played, but I don’t recall seeing him.

A season of eligibility is burned as soon as a player is on the field for even a single snap...UNLESS he suffers a season-ending injury within the first 30% of the season (about midway through game four). That’s true for all players that haven’t used a redshirt season, regardless of class.


Do you think we'll see anymore uniforms other than our traditional ones. Please make the gold pants match our beautiful gold helmets! At least do that.

UWDP: You’ll have to define “traditional” at this point.

Expect to see black uniforms. Expect to see the white helmets.

I’d love to see the shades of gold match, but we’ve seen that light gold on the pants, and it’s less than ideal.

I don’t have a great answer.


It seemed to me that the Huskies were extremely vanilla on offense against Rutgers- limited formations, little motion, more I formation, no misdirection- do you think the staff will be holding back on a lot of their stuff until conference play?

UWDP: I think they have more in the playbook, but I don’t necessarily agree that they didn’t use much motion or formation.

They shifted the tight ends around a lot pre-snap. They used them as blockers in trips formations, as true tight ends, H-backs...

There’s certainly more to be had, like I said. I don’t think it was as limited as many, I guess. The problem was mostly mediocre execution by lots of people. And with an offense that relies so much on precision, getting things only 95% correct is a failing grade.

Like I said above, there were a few things in the run game (the stretch play) that weren’t used all that much in 2017. There was probably an element of experimentation, and wanting to get things on film. There is undoubtedly more available in the play book, but most things are game-specific from here on out.

The team needs to play better. Just like last year at this time, things are closer than they look. This offense relies on near-perfection from everybody on every play. That didn’t happen often enough on Friday.


What was with multiple kickoffs to about the 20 yard. Chris Petersen is a genius, but that is stupid if it is by design.

UWDP: On the one hand, Rutgers’ Janarion Grant has shown himself to be an exceptional return man, taking a combined 8 punts and kickoffs to the end zone. Giving the ball to Rutgers somewhere between the 20 and 35 while greatly reducing the odds of giving of a big play has merit.

On the other hand, while Chris Petersen’s preparation and attention to detail has served him incredibly well, he’s not immune from out-thinking himself. There’s also logic to just booming the ball and getting after it.

I’m okay with the decision, really. It’s not my favorite, but it’s too far down my list of concerns to spend time on it right now.

Rick Anacaona:

Trey Adams has been given a complete pass in Rutgers game analysis so far. In fact, he got beat three times on the outside and once inside (watch the film). That's not 'all-Pac 12' performance. Has he gotten too big? Complacent? Shoes too tight? Dumped by girl friend? Thinking too much about hurricane relief?

UWDP: No one played particularly well on the offensive line. Trey Adams included.

Kaleb McGary included, Nick Harris included, Coleman Shelton included, and Jesse Sosebee included.

Holding Adams to a higher standard is fine, but even with that in mind, I don’t know that he was any worse than anyone else.


In terms of perceived conference strength of PAC12 in the eyes of the selection committee, just how important do you think UCLA's victory over Texas A&M will prove to be?

UWDP: Hard to say right now. UCLA needs to actually follow up the win with something of note, and even with that huge comeback, even with the exploits of the Bruins in the second half, that team looks too highly flawed to count on it happening.

As for A&M, the Aggies were in rough shape at quarterback prior to Nick Starkel’s injury; the running attack was phenomenal in the first half, but Starkel was only 6-13 for 62 yards and wasn’t a participate in the ground attack. Kellen Mond showed some chops as a runner (15 carries for 54 yards) but was even less efficient as a passer (3-17, 27 yards). After a vote of non-confidence from A&M’s AD (none other than Scott Woodward) for head coach Kevin Sumlin, things heated up even more after the Pasadena Flop, and Sumlin walked off the field like a man with no answers. This game could galvanize A&M, but I think it’s more likely the team folds, Sumlin is fired, and UCLA’s win loses luster as the season wears on.


The sky fell. What now? But seriously, what do we hope to see in the Montana game? Won't it be difficult to see if improvements have been made against such a weak opponent?

UWDP: I hope to see a running clock.

No injuries. Avoid the catastrophic in the result.

Lots of guys should get to play, which is great, but from a team perspective, this game is purely a negative opportunity.


Is there anything that the university, coaching staff, or team could do that would end your husky sports fandom? Like putting McDonald's ads on their jersey?

UWDP: This is a good question. I don’t know what the answer is.

The UW has spent a lot of effort trying to help me answer the question since 2000. Hiring Todd Turner, retaining Willingham, weak scheduling, higher stupid stuff like Clear Plastic Bags (trademark) that are just small attempts to be the straw to break this camel’s back.

None of it has worked, and it’s not actually all that close, but outside of remodeling the stadium, there really hasn’t been anything in that time that’s been done with a mind toward increasing my fanhood. Hiring Chris Petersen doesn’t count; they have to have a coach, and finding the right one is luck, not skill (no matter what anyone thinks).

I don’t know, Ragu.

blazin_gt5 DAWG:

How can the coaches incorporate or get more snaps for Salvon Ahmed?

UWDP: Ahmed is going to have to earn them. He’s going to get a couple of chances each game, and lots of them in practice. As he shows that he merits more time, he’s going to get it.

Amazing athlete. I think we’re going to see more and more of him as the season moves along.


Weekly playbook watch: How much of our playbook have we shown after Rutgers? Take a guess at how much will be unveiled each weak until it's all out there.

UWDP: 13.16573% exactly. No rounding.

After this week, the “playbook” is going to become more and more game-specific. And it’s a vast, dense book. We’ll never see all of it.


The perception of all the experts, including duckitech, is that UW’s Strength of Schedule (SOS) is woefully weak – that it just sucks. And respected contributors of our own blog also think likewise. What chance is there that such perceptions would change much if an opponent, namely Fresno State led by head coach Jeff Tedford, was still undefeated after this weekend and heading into our match up the following Sat? Would some of the luster come back onto the bloom if we then defeated the Bulldogs as expected?

Is the Athletic Director who signed off on this season's OCC schedule for Fresno State still there in the same capacity? Didn't anyone see the difficulties posed by two of these choices back to back on the road?UWDP: I’m glad someone besides me sees and acknowledges duckitect’s expertness.

If Fresno State were to go into Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama on Saturday, voters wouldn’t be able to get to the polls fast enough to overreact and move the Bulldogs into the top 15. And if that was followed up with a loss to Washington, they’d jump at the chance to drop FSU out of the polls.

As for the AD, FSU’s current one, Jim Bartko, took over the job late in 2014. So, probably not.


Is it reasonable to expect Husky Football to fill the void of my un-quenched Game of Thrones thirst?

UWDP: If you have an unquenched Game of Thrones thirst, then maybe. I have no idea. I’ve tried to watch that series a couple of times, but lost interest after the first couple of seasons.

If I actually watched more TV, and had a wife that was remotely interested in a show like that, I might make it through. As it is, she hates stuff like that, and I don’t have the time.

No. Yes. I don’t know, man.


I need you to snopes this theory: ESPN's choice of highlights for the near-disaster with U$C - WMU says that an under the table check occurred. Sam Darnold, Khaleesi of Los Angeles throws two picks and all I see for highlights is USC returning a pick of their own? This was paid for by the Darnold for Heisman campaign.

UWDP: Heh.

I’m glad you asked this, Ragu.

You and I had a debate about the quality of ESPN’s highlights this past spring or summer. You said you loved them because they gave you a feel for what happened in the game. I said ESPN showed you what they wanted you to see, with actual importance to the game a non-factor.

Would you care to re-think that position today?


A year ago I thought that the way to attack the Husky defense was to commit to running up the middle. Did the Rutgers gameplan create a blueprint for success against Coach K's defense? While it didn't feel like Rutgers was able to create much, a better team could see what happened against Rutgers and try to recreate it. Stanford is one team that I have some concern about that, are there others on the schedule?

UWDP: I don’t think there’s actually a “blueprint” to beating the Husky defense. The way to do it is to have good players that execute at a really high level. Rutgers had some relative success, but outside of one drive, didn’t actually do much.

Washington’s defense is very much a bend-but-don’t-break one schematically. That it succeeds in shutting teams down is mostly due to a high level of talent doing a really good job. But it’s not necessarily the design.

Boston Dawg Fan:

Is it just me or is Dante Pettis severely underappreciated? He's an incredible receiver and the best punt returner in school history. And he always seems to come through with big plays at the times UW needs them the most. His catches on Friday were all spectacular, including the one-handed almost touchdown grab. I feel that if Dante were on another team (say, Alabama or USC), he'd be getting some at least fringe Heisman hype already. And I think he still could get into that discussion this year if he puts up Ross level receiving stats, returns a few more punts for touchdowns, and makes a few more ESPN top 10 plays (like that one-hander would have been had he stayed in bounds). Thoughts?

UWDP: Maybe he’d be getting All-American-type mention but I really doubt he’d be in the Heisman conversation. There’s just not enough flash in his game. Even his punt returns appear to be more of the “slow and steady wins the race” variety than exceptional speed, moves, etc.

Yes, I agree he’s underappreciated. Mostly by Husky fans. He was incredible last year - more of a 1A than a #2 receiver. I think he’s going to have a huge year this season. And he’s going to end up Top 5 in every major statistical category at Washington - receptions, yards, TDs.


Name one mainstream car, make and model, that reflects Husky Football this year... it's a question.

UWDP: It sounds more like a demand.

Volvo SUV right now.


Is Taylor Rapp right or left handed?

UWDP: Right-handed on odd-numbered downs, left handed on the even ones.


Does strength of schedule really matter? Seems like being in PAC 12 is enough. Voters are giving UW favorable poll ratings. Really all we need is to be in top 4 at year end.

UWDP: If the Huskies go undefeated, then no.

If they don’t (and I don’t think they will), then yes, it matters when comparing them side-by-side to teams with the same record.

More than the out-of-conference schedule, though, the Huskies need their wins in the Pac 12 to hold value. Things don’t look especially great right now, but it’s a loooooong season.


Where does the UCLA game rank in the history of comebacks? Should we be worried about UCLA now?

UWDP: In terms of points, UCLA’s 34-point comeback is the second-largest in FBS (or D1A) history, trailing only Michigan State’s 35-point comeback against Northwestern in 2006.


Why are people who clearly know very little about football the loudest to criticize things?

UWDP: I’m going to hold off on answering this question until after Saturday’s game. I want to get the opinion of the woman that sits behind me and sarcastically yells “Great job, Petersen!” after every offensive play that goes for fewer than eight yards, and every defensive play that doesn’t result in at least a tackle-for-loss.


We eeked out a lucky win vs the worst team on the worst coast. The season is over. No way we win amother game after that performance. What are our chances look like for next year? Is this awful seasona blessing in disguise with all our juniors needing to come back for another year? Am i overeacting to this one loss on our way to payoffs and greg gaines still has a shot at the hiesman despite his dropped pick?

UWDP: No, I don’t think you’re overreacting at all. The Huskies can’t afford to lose games like that, to teams like that.

And geez, Gaines. That’s a play you have to make.


Is the Oregon State lovefest finally over for the season?

UWDP: You’ll have to ask Chris Landon.

I still think they’re going to be a solid team by the time the season is over.


After week 1, tell me which PAC12 teams looked better than you expected, which ones looked worse, and which ones mirrored your pre-season expectations.

UWDP: I didn’t see them all play, but going by results:

Congrats to Cal on a good road win. Not very impressive.

I picked Washington to win 35-14, with a less-than-spectacular offensive showing in the predictions thread. About right.


If Browning was in the draft this year, would he be picked above Rosen, and why is the answer yes?

UWDP: Jake Browning could throw for eleventy billion yards with infinity touchdowns and no incompletions the rest of the season while Josh Rosen’s right arm falls off and is trampled by a pack of wild horses, and Rosen is still going to be chosen first.

The NFL proves each and every season that it drafts QB’s based far more things like height and being able to throw a football through a one foot thick block of concrete than it does on actual college production. Josh Rosen is going to be drafted ahead of Jake Browning no matter what.


Not a question, but thought I'd move it up here, as the thread where we were discussing it has gotten a bit buried. The discussion involved A&M's offensive line imitating some hockey formation from the Mighty Ducks and what constituted being "on the line of scrimmage." This is what I found:

Rule 2, Section 27, Article 4.a.2:

"A Team A player is legally on his scrimmage line when he faces his opponent’s goal line with the line of his shoulders approximately parallel thereto and either (a) he is the snapper (Rule 2-27-8) or (b) his head breaks the plane of the line drawn through the waistline of the snapper."

This from the 2017 NCAA rule book. There was no mention of being within a yard of the line of scrimmage or anything like that, although, to be fair, I stopped looking for such when I came across the above rule.

To change the subject completely, thought I'd also tell you that I took your advice from last year and decided to go with radiant slab heat for my shop, and it's coming together nicely. Just finished tying all the PEX down yesterday, and the slab pour is Friday. Thanks for the advice!

UWDP: I get it, GeddyT.

You were right. I was wrong. Are you happy now??!!!!?



I’m a little surprised that the rule (or at least the interpretation) is that ambiguous.

I would’ve also said that receivers need to be within one yard of the line of scrimmage to be considered “on the line,” but now I’m not so sure.

You’re going to love the radiant. As for me, what started out as a couple of cosmetic projects (wood floors and some tile) has turned in to a full-scale kitchen remodel for me. Cabinets get here the middle of football season. Stellar timing on my part.


Is this game going to have 0 excitement or what?

UWDP: I have 0.5 excitements for it. Only because it’s one of so few Husky football games I get to see each year.

But I hate this game.


If I am taking a shot for every husky score, how drunk will I be by halftime? end of game?

UWDP: Shots of what?

If it’s milk, you might be in trouble. For anyone that doubts me, try drinking a gallon of milk in one hour and see what happens.

If it’s alcohol, I’d need to know more about your tolerance, and what you’re drinking (if it’s Landon’s wine spritzer, it won’t have as much effect as, say, TEQUILA!)

All for this week. Be there on Saturday.