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How to Watch: Washington at Oregon State

All the info you need to tune in to the UW game and the rest of the Pac-12 slate

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

#6 Washington 4-0 (1-0) @ Oregon State 1-3 (0-1)

Date: Saturday, September 23rd

Time: 5:00pm PDT

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

TV: Pac-12 Network


Radio: KOMO AM 1000

Excitement Rating: 10/10 (I will always give UW a 10/10 in the excitement rating. Actual score 3/10...). Remember how excited we were last week to play a real opponent? Hopefully you can live off that afterglow for a while. Oregon State is the worst team in the conference by a sizable margin. Conference play is supposed to reverse the terrible non-conference schedule but Oregon State is just as bad if not worse than Rutgers or Fresno State. Just try to enjoy a good old fashioned beat down.

Washington is an 26.5 point favorite with an over/under of 60. That means the betting public expects a final score of Washington-43, Oregon State-17.

Other Pac-12 Games

#5 USC 4-0 (2-0) @ #16 Washington State 4-0 (1-0)

Time: 7:30 pm PDT FRIDAY NIGHT



Excitement Rating: 10/10. This game has a chance to be one of the premier games in the Pac-12 schedule. Coming into the year it would’ve been USC/Stanford or UW/Stanford but the bloom has fallen off the Cardinal Rose. Since UW and USC don’t match up, it becomes a matter of when either of those teams play the #3 squad in the conference. And for now at least, Wazzu has taken up that mantle. The fact that this is in Pullman as opposed to the Apple Cup in Seattle means it’ll be the closest point spread in a Pac-12 game with conference championship implications all year.

USC is a 5 point favorite with an over/under of 60.5. That means the betting public expects a final score of USC-33, Washington State-28.

Arizona State 2-2 (1-0) @ Stanford 2-2 (1-1)

Time: 1:00 pm PDT

TV: Pac-12 Networks


Excitement Rating: 8/10. There may be nothing more frustrating than rooting for a team with an explosive offense that just gives points right back on defense. Luckily, it’s super fun to watch that team play if you’re not rooting for them! And Arizona State qualifies as a good time every game. Plus, Stanford’s defense has been very meh against the L.A schools which means I think this one could be really fun.

Stanford is a 17 point favorite with an over/under of 63.5. That means the betting public expects a final score of Stanford-40, Arizona State-23.

Colorado 3-1 (0-1) @ UCLA 2-2 (0-1)

Time: 7:30 pm PDT



Excitement Rating: 7/10. Everything I just said above about Arizona State applies to UCLA. The Buffaloes struggled against UW outside of that first drive but they will find much more success in this one. The winner of this game will have a shot to finish 2nd in the division and end up with a respectable bowl game. The loser should get nervous at 0-2.

UCLA is a 7.5 point favorite and the Over/Under is 67.5 which means the betting public expects a score of UCLA-38, Colorado-30.

Cal 3-1 (0-1) @ Oregon 3-1 (0-1)

Time: 7:30 pm PDT



Excitement Rating: 7/10. Yet another game I may find more intriguing than most. This will be fascinating to see who is able to rebound from disappointing losses when both teams felt they had a good shot of winning at halftime. If Cal wins this one on the road then they can start thinking about a top-half of the division season. If Oregon covers the spread they can convince themselves last week was a blip on the road and that 8-9 wins is still plausible.

Oregon is a 15 point favorite and the Over/Under is 67.5 which means the betting public expects a score of Oregon-41, Cal- 26