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Myles Gaskin powers No. 7 Washington Huskies to 37-10 win over Colorado

Gaskin gained over 200 yards on the ground while scoring twice in the win

NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Huskies’ residence of rainy Seattle served them well in a cold and wet night against Colorado. After a slow start, the Huskies were able to fight through the mud better than Ralphie on their way to a dominant final score of 37-10 thanks to the legs of Myles Gaskin and the power of the offensive line.

Colorado took the opening possession of the game and had no difficulty marching down the field for six. The Buffs dominated physically and out-executed Washington on almost every single play of the opening drive. The line that went backwards was UW’s, with butts hitting turf with alarming frequency. The Buff’s had positive yardage on every one of the eleven plays.

Washington’s opening play broke the positive yard streak with Myles Gaskin being stopped four yards behind the line of scrimmage. Jake Browning was able to escape the pocket and find Dante Pettis for a 25 yard gain on the next play to make up for it. The Husky offense was able to trickle down the field until an illegal motion penalty on third-and-four pushed UW to a more difficult conversion attempt that ended in Browning throwing deep into double coverage and to the wrong team.

Offense was much harder for Colorado to come by after its opening possession as its offensive line no longer blew Washington off the ball on every play. The Buffs still earned five more first downs during the remainder of the first half, but the only possession that made it within 40 yards of the goal line was stopped by Jordan Miller’s first interception of the evening.

Prior to Miller’s first pick, UW was able to muster up some offense. The second possession spanned 58 yards but ended in Tristan Vizcaino missing a 32-yard field goal from the left hash, pushing it just wide right. Not to be deterred, he made his next three kicks (the rest of his night was not as kind), the first of which came as an extra point.

Vita Vea was officially credited with the punt block that set up the Husky touchdown, with both he and redshirt freshman Levi Onwuzurike providing pressure up the middle. Onwuzurike also tallied his first career sack on the preceding drive. Gaskin had three carries out of four plays as the Dawgs only needed 12 yards to reach paymud.

Colorado was beginning to make some noise to end the half but Ryan Bowman and Miller had other plans. Bowman beat the tackle around the edge on the first play of the drive in Husky territory. He was held and it prevented him from a sack, but he made the pocket just uncomfortable for an inaccurate throw to be uncorked. Miller was over top of his receiver running the go route that was overthrown. Tumbling to the ground, Miller made the catch in the end zone, and Washington ended the half with a half-hearted attempt at yardage.

The third quarter took nearly as long as the first half but went the way of the Huskies so all is well. UW alternated from run to pass until it crossed midfield when Browning faked the run before launching one to the end zone where Quentin Pounds did this:

UW’s defense did its job in allowing the run game to shine from there on out. Myles Bryant jumped a quick pass outside and housed his interception. Bowman and Azeem Victor took down Stephen Montez on back-to-back plays.

By the time the field was hosting handshakes, K.J. Carta-Samuels had taken two snaps under center and the Dawgs ended with a final score that will look good to voters.

The Instant Dots from a not-so-instant victory:

  • The run game finally showed what it had been lacking in non-conference play. Gaskin finished with 27 carries for 202 yards and two touchdowns. After the first offensive play of the game, he had only a single carry that didn’t move the offense forward. Just like last season, it just took a little while to get things going on the ground. Once this train starts rolling, it will take a lot to slow it down.
  • With Lavon Coleman down, Kamari Pleasant served as the blocking back. He played well and seemed to be trusted more later in the game to open lanes. He was also used to block on screens. It will be interesting to see a closer look when Brad and John break down the film later this week.
  • Ryan Bowman might be the edge rusher that the Huskies have been searching for. He had a dirty spin move for a a sack and also was instrumental in forcing the second of Miller’s picks.
  • Even without Byron Murphy, the UW secondary is going to be fine. Austin Joyner played well, Myles Bryant plays fast, even if he doesn’t always go to the right spot. Taylor Rapp and JoJo McIntosh are a top safety duo. How many current Huskies will at least earn a tryout in the NFL? Murphy, Miller, Rapp, Bryant, McIntosh, Rapp, Joyner. Reload, don’t rebuild. Jimmy Lake is the best secondary coach in the country and it ain’t close.
  • The first drive for Colorado was scary. UW was blown off the ball and couldn’t cover a stationary garbage can. The defense then settled down.
  • Chico McClatcher suffered what I hear is was a gruesome lower leg injury. Despite my love for football I am a pansy when it comes to bad injuries. We can only hope that it looked significantly worse than it actually is.

37-10. Bring on Oregon State! Washington is up for the challenge.