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Friday Dots: The Wait is Over

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It’s real, live, actual Husky football. And it’s tonight.

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Chris Hein / UW Athletics

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Football Gameday Dots

Correction: ZERO more sleeps:

  • Adam Jude has this piece on Jake Browning, who is making is first trip to New York. Jude ponders if he might make another at season’s end.

  • In his latest Husky Headlines podcast, Jude talks to Bob Rondeau about his last season as UW football announcer. Great contrast between a radio voice and a print-journalism voice (No offense Adam):



For what it’s worth:

  • Another fantastic photo gallery from UW Athletics. Chris Hein captures the Huskies from takeoff, to walkthrough, to a visit to the 9/11 Memorial in New York.

  • Utah and Arizona St. both got wins against FBS schools, but look as though they have plenty of work to do. Maybe it’s just some early season kinks to work out.

Depth issues on defense for Todd Graham?

This ridiculous catch was part of almost 400 yards passing (549 total) for New Mexico State:

Utah’s new QB Tyler Huntley is exciting, but one-read-and-tuck might get him killed in Pac-12 play. Stay loose, Troy Williams:

John Ross hurt his knee on this nice run. Says he is fine but we should know more later today:

Don’t know if Marvin Hall will make the Falcons, but ZOOM!!

I think one of these Lego action figures is supposed to be Chris Petersen:


Non-Football Dots

Home game for women’s soccer tonight:

Today, 4pm at Magnuson Park:

Men’s soccer doing work. They play at Akron today at 4pm on ESPN 3:

Retro Dot

Every Rutgers offensive play against the Husky defense last year: