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Dots: enduring the offseason

Summer time is hard.

The UWDP is busy getting prepped to scale up our content machine as we press through the summer. I know how difficult it is for you all. All those swimming pools, lake trips, cook outs, and brewery tours are really straining.

Frankly, I’m not sure how you can handle it all. It’s more irritating than Jimmy from Zyppah.

In times like these, adults start doing stupid things. We start bonfires. We soup-up vehicles. We buy motorcycles. We drive boats too fast. Call it the summertime blues, if you will.

To help get you through these perilous times, I present to you your Monday dots.

... Our friends at Field Gulls want to know who among UW’s five players selected in the 2017 NFL Draft will turn out the best career in the league. I don’t know how to objectively answer that question, but I’m bullish on Budda’s prospects. More and more, this is becoming a league that is all about game-changing safeties.

... The Sporting News released their rankings of all NCAA head coaches because this is the offseason and we all love a good ranking list. I know you are all wondering where Chris Petersen ranked. I can tell you that he finished ahead of Lane Kiffin, Will Muschamp and, I know it is hard to believe, Mike Leach. But did he crack the top 5? I won’t spoil the surprise. I will warn that this is one of those irritating slide shows, but you can use the arrows on your keyboard to quickly get through them.

... Former UW star and #1 NBA Draft pick in 2017 had a scary moment over the weekend.

Sixers fans, understandably, freaked out momentarily

... Former Husky QB and current Seattle area radio host Brock Huard is doing a new podcast called “Above and Beyond” where he touches on life and sports from the unique perspective that he’s held over the past twenty years. I can really appreciate how Brock puts his world out there for the world to absorb, judge and respond to as I think it moves us all forward. There are some good UW tidbits in this week’s podcast if you have some windshield time to kill and want something new to listen to.

... Phil Steele of ESPN had a list of his own come out over the weekend. He recapped his top 15 best offensive line situations heading into the 2017. There were two PAC teams in that list, but was one of them UDub? This will prompt an interesting debate, to be sure.

... I love these. And, as an alum from the program, I appreciate the shout out for the Foster School of Business.

... Team USA, which featured several former Huskies, dropped the championship game in the World Cup of Softball XII. You can check out the highlights and box score right here (you’ll have to register for an account).

That’s what I got for you today, Dawgs. Try not to get sunburned out there on the golf course today.