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Dots: Champions

UW Women’s Crew wins a national championship while UW softball takes the next step.

UW Athletics

Spring is the time of year for brats, beer and ... UW championship runs. Whether we are talking about Crew, Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf or Softball, an intoxicating championship run by a UW sport seems to be a spring time passage.


UW softball is the latest to cash in on this tradition. Sophomore pitcher Taran Alvevo led the Dawgs to a nail-biter of a win over Utah in their rubber game match. The Huskies punched their ticket to Oklahoma City where they will join rivals UCLA and oregon along with other contestants Florida, Baylor, LSU, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M in the penultimate tourney.

Here are some posts from the big victory:

Stay tuned to UWDP and our softball superfan, Ed Strong, as UW takes on the challenge of a championship run.

Women’s Crew

Softball isn’t the only sport that continues to sizzle. How about the #1 ranked UW Women’s Crew?

The Huskies Crew achieved an historic milestone yesterday when they swept all of the races at the NCAA’s and seized their fourth national title. It is the first time in Women’s rowing history that a single school has swept all of their scoring races. That the Huskies were able to do it while ending a championship drought that goes back to 2001 was all the more impressive.


...the Huskies baseball team put up their own chase for a post-season berth, but it was not to be after USC ended their hopes last Saturday night. Still, UW took care of their seniors by sending them off in style with a 7-4 victory over the Trojans in the last game of the 2017 season. is an interesting little factoid for you to impress your friends with at your next dinner party or Google Hangout: The title that the UW Women’s Rowing team claimed is actually the 500th national championship earned by the PAC 12. They are the first NCAA conference to reach that mark.

...ICYMI: ESPN’s Chad Ford ($) updated his mock draft late last week and still has UW star Markelle Fultz going first overall to the Boston Celtics. For his part, Isaiah Thomas seems enamored with the idea of playing alongside a fellow Husky, even if he happens to play the same position.

...Husky great Brandon Roy, who takes bullets and saves children on the weekends, has a new gig. He’s agreed to take over as the new coach of his alma mater Garfield High. a surprise to noone, UW is reporting strong season ticket sales in time for the 2017 football season.

Bonus Dot

Today’s must-read-not-sports article is for all you sci-fi geeks out there. A team of UW engineers are experimenting with new ways for living cells to process information digitally in an effort to speed up natural evolutionary processes. The cliff’s notes version is here. For those of you with a more technical mindset, check out the full paper. If your brain happens to explode all over your keyboard, don’t say that you were not warned.