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The Montlake Mush: Get Trucked

Seriously, stop not being a rugby fan. Also gymnastics does some good stuff.

My only gymnastics experience is when I was three, did a somersault off my parents’ bed, and dented the wall with my noggin. So this team is impressive, is what I’m trying to say.

Apologies, all, for skipping last week but fear not — The Mush is back for those, like, three people who read it. Actually wait, I can bump that number up to four readers probably since I know my optometrist tunes in frequently (hi Paul!).


Remember that time, two weeks ago, where in my hubris I declared that — whether or not I believed my words is irrelevant — the softball team would so totally go sweep their series with Arizona so their entire roadtrip to that state could be rendered a historically accurate reenactment of the Vikings pillaging Britain.

Yeah, about that... it less than happened. Then, this weekend, the Dawgs played a three-game series against UCLA where they came away 1-2, but included some pretty good bombs. Specifically, Ali Aguilar and Casey Stangel both had two home runs just to ensure the rest of us feel inferior.

Starting today, the softball team will hold a three game series in Seattle against Oregon State. Go check it out, if that’s your thing. And if it’s not then don’t talk to me because I don’t like your taste in sports.

Meanwhile, baseball split their week with two wins and two losses against Baylor and Seattle U, and they’ll begin their series against UCLA today in Westwood.

Now on to gymnastics which, like tennis, I have no idea how its scoring works but I do know enough to know that this is good! If you’re too lazy to click on that link, the bottom line is that the Husky gymnasts advanced to the NCAA Championships for the first time since 1998. Frick yeah.

Speaking of tennis and its scoring system confusing me, the men’s team lost their first two meets in conference play against UCLA and USC. They’ve got another match today at Arizona at 2 PM. And I realize now that specifying “PM” is more-than-likely unnecessary...

Meanwhile, the women’s tennis team spent last weekend splitting results against the same opponents, losing to UCLA 1 - 4 and beating USC 4 - 3. They too will be going up against Arizona today in an effort to improve their record to 15 - 5.

Now on to everybody’s favorite, crew, which means I’m morally obliged to set the over/under about how long we can go before someone brings up the 1936 Olympics in the comments. (I’ll set it at eight to begin.) The weekend before last was the 116th Class Day Regatta, where the junior women and senior men claimed top spots. You can catch a more complete rundown on that right, wait for it, here.

Then last weekend at the Husky Open, the Huskies did what Huskies do and won every race. Most of them by a lot. Was their competition particularly fierce? Nah, but whatever. The next day, the women’s team was in California where they swept #7 Virginia in the V8+, 2V8+, and V4+, and only had one loss in the 2V4+ to Cal by two seconds. The morning previously they had beaten aOSU in the V8+, 2V8+, and V4+, as well as beating Cal in the 2V4+ and the afternoon after that morning saw them sweep Michigan and Stanford.

Which like, whatever. I could do that.

Now. The following is not technically Husky rugby, but it’s close enough. For the uninitiated, this is what happens when coach smokes so much pot before the game that he goes, “Guys... What if... We took an FBS outside linebacker... And put him in at #14?”

For your enjoyment, I present to you a dada performance art piece entitled, “Psalm Wooching Playing Wing Because God Has a Sense of Humor:”

You’re welcome.

Line of the Week

Thanks to UWDP Mic’d Up technology, we have here an exclusive look at the first words spoken by Wooching’s victims upon their concussed selves returning to the sideline:

Luckily, since Seattle Saracens RFC is part of the BC Premier League, those guys will be able to use Canadian healthcare, thereby extending their lives by at least shinty-seven or maybe even shinty-eight days.

And, as always...

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.