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Join the UWDP Tourney Pick’em to Take Part in March Madness

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Put your bracket up against the “experts” here at the UWDP as well as other readers

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Barring the greatest of all miracles, neither Lorenzo Romar or Markelle Fultz will be participating in the NCAA Tournament this year. puts UW’s odds of victory in the Pac-12 Tournament at 0.01%. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved! Get in to March Madness the right way rather than simply being mad at March like we have the past 6 seasons. Join the UW Dawg Pound’s group to submit a bracket for a chance to win the fabulous prize of bragging rights over the rest of everyone here at the Dawg Pound. Are you the one criticizing Landon for putting Cal too high in the Power Rankings? Prove that you’re smarter than him! The bracket will officially be released on Sunday but you can join the group now and simply update your bracket once it becomes available.

For those of you on the Fire Romar bandwagon, March Madness is your chance to identify the up and coming young coach that you want to replace Romar. For those of you who trust Pat Forde’s sources, take note of the fact that none of these teams are starting entirely underclassmen and have faith in next year. Regardless of where you stand, sign up for the UW Dawg Pound Bracket Group by clicking that link or searching for UW Dawg Pound on the Yahoo! Tourney Pick’em home page. We’ll put up a reminder after the bracket comes out and we hope to see you all on there.