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The Montlake Mush: Puppy Day

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Plus a whole bunch of sports are going on right. This. Moment.

Credit @UWMascot Twitter

‘Sup, losers. Just kidding, you’re not losers and I love all of you—conditionally, of course—and happy Friday and all that jazz.

Despite the fact that this week in the big three Washington sports has involved the firing of a head coach, the hiring of a head coach, the commitment of a four-star WR and another big-name QB recruit, and an advancement to the Sweet 16, did you know that there were actually other things going on in Husky athletics? Crazy, right?

Speaking of other things going on, drop everything and turn on the TV because Washington baseball is playing Oregon right now. Well, not right now, but at 7 PM this evening. Unless it’s 7 PM this evening right now, in which case baseball is playing Oregon right now.

The Diamond Dawgs swept Utah at home last weekend and then were ranked in three of the five main collegiate baseball polls from #22-#30 coming into the week. Later in the week they went to Spokane, splitting a two-game series against Gonzaga with each game decided by one run.

Softball entered the week ranked #6 and, like their other diamond-inhabiting counterparts, are showing down right now (though against #5 Arizona, not Oregon) assuming that it’s 5 PM while you’re reading this. If it’s not that time currently, no matter.

This week, softball won their two games against Grand Canyon University, including a 14-4 run rule victory, and won all three matchups against Arizona State. So if all goes according to plan this weekend against Arizona—granted, a tougher opponent than either GCU or ASU—just think of Husky Softball as the Vikings and the state of Arizona as all of Europe circa 793 ‘til whenever the Vikings stopped being a thing.

Also, this bodes well:

On to tennis, where the men’s team took on Hawaii in Honolulu yesterday and won 6-1. The women are playing Utah right now in Salt Lake City. That is all.

Meanwhile, The Defending National Champions Women’s Golf Team (I am legally obliged to refer to them as such) are in Baton Rouge right now at the LSU Invite where we can all assume they’re cruising to an easy victory and bringing glory to all the PNW.


And, although my knowledge of gymnastics consists solely of me knowing that my little cousin is really good at it, I can also tell that this right here is a positive thing for the Dawgs’ gymnastics team. Hint: It involves a coach being kick-ass at their job and some All-Pac-12 mentions. Also, for anybody interested, Washington is hosting NCAA Regionals on April 1st. Go cheer on our team, fools.

This is only somewhat relevant, but a former men’s soccer team member made his MLS debut this week for the Sounders:

Lastly, there was no regattas this week but fear not, my plebeians — Class Day is tomorrow which means spring season is here, so now you can all stop bugging me about not covering rowing, for f&^#’s sake.

Actually lastly, yesterday was National Puppy Day. That is the most important news you have received or ever will receive on this site.

You’re welcome.

Line of the Week

At the risk of jinxing things as they head to Tucson to take on the Haven’t-Missed-An-NCAA-Tournament-Since-Margaret-Thatcher Wildcats, we have an exclusive glimpse into the dugout of the other Arizona schools after facing Washington Softball:

That’s it for this week.

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.