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(3)Washington v (6) Oklahoma Preview and Game Thread

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The Huskies take on the Sooners in Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Final Four-Washington vs Syracuse Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Date: 3/20/2017

Tip-off Time: 6:00pm PST


Radio: KOMO 1000

University of Oklahoma:

Record: 23-9 (13-5)

Points Per Game: 73.7

Points Against Per Game: 68.4

Oklahoma Sooners:

MSU Roster.csv

No. Name Position Height Year
No. Name Position Height Year
00 Dominique Dillingham G 5-9 Sr.
1 Blair Schaefer G 5-7 Jr.
2 Morgan William G 5-5 Jr.
3 Breanna Richardson F 6-1 Sr.
4 Ameshya Williams F 6-2 Fr.
10 Jazzmun Holmes G 5-8 So.
11 Roshunda Johnson G 5-7 R-Jr.
12 Jacaira Allen G 5-10 Fr.
13 Ketara Chapel F 6-1 Sr.
15 Teaira McCowan C 6-7 So.
24 Jordan Danberry G 5-8 So.
25 Zion Campbell C 6-3 R-Fr.
35 Victoria Vivians G 6-1 Jr.
45 Chinwe Okorie C 6-5 Sr.

Sooners Key Players:

G- Peyton Little, Sr. 5-11: 12.4ppg, 3.2rpg, 32.7% 3pt, 74.4% FT

Little is a taller shooting guard who has taken over the reins a bit from her teammate Manning. Her favorite shooting side is the left where she is particularly lethal. She handles the ball well, and is a threat to drive. She could use her height to great advantage against smaller guards, but does tend to stay out of the key. In the game against Gonzaga she got hot in the first quarter and contributed three of the six three-point shots made.

G- Maddie Manning, Sr. 6-2: 12.6ppg, 5.4rpg, 40.5% 3pt, 80.7% FT

Manning was to be more of a scoring leader for the team this year. Unfortunately, she suffered a knee injury earlier and is playing on a right knee MCL sprain. Because of the massive brace, she is lacking a quick first step and has had to rely on her three-point shooting ability, which is very good. This is Manning’s fifth year with the Sooners, as she has been plagued with knee injuries including two torn ACLs. Her biggest contribution is experience and cool-headed leadership, which will benefit her team greatly.

C- Vionise Pierre-Louis, Jr. 6-4: 12.1ppg, 7.9rpg, 72.2% FT, 2.0bpg

Pierre-Louis is a very strong and nimble post position player. She doesn’t tend to stray from the key when it comes to offense or defense. She is a big-bodied player, so it will be difficult to move her off her spot. In the game against Gonzaga, she had an obvious size advantage and used it. She ended the game with 17 points, nine rebounds, and nine blocked shots.


Clash of the Titans! Namely, Pierre-Louis and Osahor. The ground may very well move when these two women go against each other under the hoop. Osahor has the advantage; she is a much more skilled and versatile player. I can easily see Pierre-Louis getting into foul trouble early as she is fast to leave her feet to attempt a block. As we know, Osahor is the master of the ball-fake, so this could be a real happy matchup for the Huskies. Osahor should also win the rebound battle because, well..because it is her ball.

The guard play will be interesting to watch since UW is smaller and faster. Expect there to be lots of three-point attempts, but what will be made is anyone’s guess. On average Oklahoma makes 6.5 three-point shots per game and Washington makes ten. Last game Oklahoma’s shooters were on fire, especially in the first quarter from the left. I expect the Huskies to be well aware of and prepared for the sided nature of the Sooner shooters.

Overall, expect the Huskies to push the pace as always, especially since it will wear down Pierre-Louis. The Sooners don’t have the overall quickness at guard or post, but they run a structured, well-designed offense that has brought them success. In the end, the Huskies should outshoot the Sooners and will therefore be victorious.

Prediction: Washington 86, Oklahoma 73