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UWDP Tourney Pick’em Bracket Challenge

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The field is set so fill out a bracket and compete against the rest of the UWDP

NCAA Basketball: Pac-12 Conference Tournament-USC vs Washington Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Huskies may not be in this year’s NCAA tournament but this is still one of the best times of the year for any college basketball fan. March Madness brings out a lot of feelings. Hope, when that Cinderella 14-seed goes on a miraculous Sweet 16 run. Awe, when that scrappy bench player you’ve never heard of sinks a 40-foot buzzer beater to win a game. And of course anger, when the 3-seed you had getting to the Final Four decides to lose to that Cinderella 14-seed with the scrappy yet clutch bench player in the 1st round and you have to toss your bracket in the trash.

But in order to rip up your bracket in a cathartic rage you first have to fill one out. As long as you’re doing that you might as well just take the one extra step of clicking join to the UWDP Tourney Pick’em group. The winner will be offered the exclusive chance of deciding whether or not to fire Lorenzo Romar. Or they will simply receive bragging rights around the site. Jen Cohen reserves the right to pick the reward. Either way that’s a pretty fabulous prize. And for those of you who have only watched Husky games this season, take advantage of the opportunity to watch some fabulous college basketball.

Join the UWDP group here.