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The Montlake Mush: Don’t Say I Forgot About Rowing

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Row row row your boat, and now you have that song stuck in your head. Also, a UW coach is selected for Team America.

And on your left you’ll see a pack of rabid huskies destroying the hopes and dreams of lions of the Nittany variety.
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Oh hey there. How was your week? Good? Awful? Okay? Stop answering those questions out loud, weirdo, I can’t hear you and everyone in your vicinity is a bit freaked out thinking you’re talking to yourself. But enough with pleasantries, let’s get down to business.

Softball came in the polls this week at #8 and followed that up with two games against Penn State. They run-ruled the Nittany Lions for a 13 - 1 victory played for some reason at Seattle U on Wednesday and then had their home opener yesterday, cruising to an easy 9 - 1 win. The Huskies will be playing Minnesota and (again) Penn State this afternoon, hoping to improve their record to 19 - 3.

Also, head coach (and all-around fantastic person) Heather Tarr was this week named as one of the assistant coaches for the US National Team, which is pretty darn rad.

On the other diamond, four of the five collegiate baseball polls have the baseball team ranked between #12 and #29 as of this week. The Dawgs spent the week winning three out of four against Sacramento State to improve to 7-4 and start a four game series against Indiana State today.

Meanwhile, junior Joey Morgan was nominated for the Johnny Bench Award given to the top catcher in NCAA Division I. Highlights of Morgan’s season so far include his 6-6 success rate in throwing out base stealers, a .342 batting average, and the’s correct usage of the word “whom” in their announcement of his nomination.

And for those of you track and field people, here’s a cool article on local hammer-thrower Onyie Chibuogwu, who began her career as a walk-on from Shoreline.

On to tennis, where I still don’t understand why the points system is so funky. The women’s team was ranked #25 as of Tuesday and they look to build on that with the start of their conference schedule today, where they host the South of the Columbia River University Floating Birds.

The men, on the other hand, had two matches this week and split the results, losing to Drake 3 - 4 and beating University of San Diego 4 - 1 at home. They now have a two-ish week break wherein they’ll prepare for their next match in Honolulu, and meanwhile I will try to figure out where the crap Drake is and if it’s an actual college. (Seriously though I’m percent sure that it’s not real.)

On the women’s basketball front, this team is just way too good to be delegated to me, someone who could tell you as much about basketball as an overflowing trash can could. (What’s a 3-2 zone? Is that a thing? I dunno.) So, for those of you who are keeping up with Plum, Osahor, and Co. — and if you’re not, then there’s something wrong with you — UWDP finally found ourselves a WBB writer just in time for March Madness! Check out the latest right here.

Now. Listen up. On the rowing front, I first off have choice words for some people last week who were like, “Gabey, why on Earth would you not include crew on this roundup? You blasphemous four-eyed evil doer. You’re directly responsible for everything bad that’s ever happened ever including the sinking of the Lusitania and the Black Death, you dumb wench.”

And then I told all y’all to calm the frick down because the rowing spring season HADN’T STARTED YET YOU GOOBERS. And now it has.

The women began their spring season last weekend in Las Vegas, where all the Husky boats (V8+, 2V+, and V4+) swept their respective races by mostly open waters.

Then it was announced that, for the first time since 2002, Chinese rowing clubs will be at the Windermere Cup as the headlining opponents. If you don’t already attend the Windermere Cup each year, do. It’s a blast, plus if you don’t go then you’re a bad Husky otherwise.

Meanwhile, the men’s boats are busy practicing approximately 28,476,237 hours a week in preparation for their spring season, which begins March 25th at the Class Day Regatta.

Oh, and the women’s crew team may have totally violated Title IX by inflating their roster numbers ha what nah moving on.

So don’t tell me I forgot to include rowing!

Line of the Week

Just a straightforward statement on how the women’s crew team’s Title IX violations makes me feel, because I’m currently lacking the capacity to make this week’s LotW anything clever.

On a related note, Title IX compliancy is a really interesting and complicated issue, and I encourage everyone to read some more about it here in a recent article in The Daily explaining how the big ol’ football roster makes things tricky (but why that’s not an excuse).


Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.