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Dime slaps two Colorado fans

It appears no charges will be filed against the Husky senior

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Malik came off the bench Thursday night in a loss to Colorado.

Of course, he was injured and instead of the court he made his way into the student section.

Colorado reporter, Jake Shapiro, picked up on the incident as he received a text from one of the guys that was slapped:

Shapiro wrote an article about the incident for BSN Denver describing the incident, which is kind of comical:

“We were talking the usual game talk with the players like we usually do,” Dylan, a CU student said. “Malik looked over at us at one point and said ‘I’m gonna come over there and slap the s*** out of you.’ We didn’t think that was real so we just laughed and then at the end of the half he came over to us and pretended like he was giving me a handshake and I reached out and he pulled back and slapped me in the face and the follow through hit the person sitting right next to me, which was Brian.”

Dime shook hands with the students after the game and it appears that there was no other incident and they will not press charges. Fortunately, Dime did not receive the Charles Oakley treatment Thursday night.

However, he might have to answer to Coach Romar.

Dime remained on the bench the rest of the game. He has been out since the Oregon State game with a broken pinky.

And yes, the Huskies lost to the Buffs Thursday, 81-66.