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Jaxson Kirkland is a Husky

In a couple of years, the University of Washington legacy might well become one of the biggest linemen in the Pac-12.

Jaxson Kirkland
Student Sports

The University of Washington gained a second-generation offensive lineman today with the addition of Jaxson Kirkland, son of former captain and offensive guard Dean Kirkland, to the Husky roster.

247 Sports lists Kirkland as a 6-6.5, 314 lb. three-star prospect, and the No. 58 offensive tackle as well as the No. 569 overall recruit. He signaled his intent to enroll at UCLA last August, but reopened his recruitment after earning an offer from the Huskies, and ended up committing to the Dawgs on Monday. The consensus among recruiting experts seems to be that Kirkland will likely need a year or two of seasoning before he is ready to contribute meaningful snaps, but carries the frame to perhaps eventually become one of the most physically imposing tackles in the Pac-12.

Be sure to check out the highlights of Kirkland’s senior season below.