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Salvon Ahmed, PNW Homegrown, Signs with the Huskies

The Juanita athlete is officially a Dawg.

Student Sports

One of the local boys has made it official — Salvon Ahmed is a Husky.

Over the course of the recruiting period, Ahmed seemed to epitomize everything Chris Petersen looks for in potential athletes; a combination of talent and OKGness, plus he’s part of the local crew of recruits helping to keep Pacific Northwest talent home. I mean really, being from Juanita, his hometown is basically to Montlake what Sarah Palin’s is to Russia.

Ahmed committed to Washington in September after a thorough assessment of his collegiate options, a stark contrast compared with the tendencies of many high-profile recruits to do just the opposite. In the end the four-star chose Washington over Oregon, Stanford, USC, and Notre Dame.

He’s a two-way player who could end up either at cornerback or running back. At various times he’s hinted at going one way or the other and, with the decommitment of Sumner athlete Connor Wedington who was also a CB/RB combo, it has under recent developments looked like he may be more valuable at the latter position where his lightning shiftiness and north-south spatial awareness can be fully taken advantage of. Only time will tell but, seeing as Ahmed led Juanita to their first state playoff appearance in — and this is 100% accurate — five billion years*, he’ll be a valuable contributor regardless of where on the field.

Check out some of his highlights:

*Okay, so not five billion years, but until this season Juanita hadn’t been to the playoffs since before I was born. So... Close enough.

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.