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Mailbag: “Stanford” Edition

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Useless facts.

  • There are 923 words in the English language that break the “i before e” rule, and only 44 that follow it.
  • Humans almost always put on each shoe in a pair an equal number of times.
  • In 1972, more humans died of shark attacks in water than on land.
  • In 2015, there were eight deaths attributed to shark attacks, and 12 attributed to taking “selfies.”
  • A “syzygy” is the alignment of three celestial bodies.
  • “Yonic” is to female anatomy as “phallic” is to male.
  • Nazi tank drivers fighting in North Africa used to drive over camel dung for “luck.” The Allies caught on to this, and began manufacturing mines that looked like camel dung.
  • The average cumulus cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds.
  • Pluto didn’t finish a single orbit in the period of time it was considered a planet.
  • Throwing a nuclear missile at a car is illegal in Alamosa, CO.



The hUskies need to develop the young receivers. Why isn’t Ty Jones getting targeted.

UWDP: It’s a good question. I’m not really sure. His snaps are pretty sporadic, and the Huskies just haven’t thrown the ball very much in the last two games. I don’t really subscribe to “forcing” the ball to him, but it would be nice if the end of his true freshman season doesn’t end with him having a single catch....

There’s more to playing receiver in the Husky offense than just catching the ball, too. I haven’t really paid too much attention to Jones as a blocker, nor a route runner.


Please talk about the "new look O-line"...


With Luke Wattenberg playing well at LT for the Oregon game, while Andrew Kirkland moved into LG, where does this put Luke going into next year? As Tre Adams will be coming back and manning that LT spot. Is Luke a backup LT, or will he play another position next season?


Is it my imagination or is our line playing better without Adams? He’s a stud but maybe this forces the line to play more team style

UWDP: Andrew Kirkland got the start at left tackle against UCLA, with Jesse Sosebee holding down his left guard spot. Luke Wattenberg came in for Kirkland and tackle after the first couple of offensive series, and played the bulk of the game; Kirkland ended up coming back in toward the end of the third quarter (I believe). Sosebee stayed at guard the entire game.

Against Oregon, Kirkland got the start at guard over Sosebee, and Wattenberg started at tackle. That was the lineup the entire game. With a single-game sample, it looked like the best lineup the Huskies can put out there with the injury to Adams. Wattenberg looks a little lighter on his feet than Kirkland at left tackle, and Kirkland has already shown that he can play guard (and right tackle) fairly well. Left tackle just isn’t his strongest position.

I don’t know if Sosebee is a little slowed up by injury, or if he’s underperforming a little in the coaches’ eyes. Kirkland graduates, as does center Coleman Shelton, so the offensive line is going to look different next year. Sosebee is going to be in the mix to start at guard, but is hopefully pushed by younger guys. It remains to be seen what the Huskies do at center; the starter for 2018 could be on the bench right now, and it could come from someone moving to the spot (like Nick Harris, and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see Wattenberg or Sosebee get a shot). The biggest question is what the Huskies will get from Trey Adams next season, as he’s only going to be about 10 months from ACL surgery when the Huskies open against Auburn. It’s impossible to say for sure that he’s going to be ready to step right back in at the left tackle spot.

I don’t think the offensive line is “better” without Adams (nor do I think you’re suggesting that, KPreston). UCLA’s defense just isn’t very good, and while Oregon’s is, it’s a limited sample. It’s possible the injury to Adams has galvanized the line, where the four remaining starters all feel the need to step up their play (what I think you’re suggesting). We’ll see, starting this Friday.


What if any thing positive vis-a-vis 'strength of schedule' does the resurgence of Fresno State and Rutgers have to Washingtons' playoff hopes ?

UWDP: It certainly doesn’t hurt, but I think the narrative about the Huskies’ schedule is pretty well set at this point in the season. Rutgers would probably have to beat either Penn State or Michigan State for the Huskies to get any real credit from that season opener, and Fresno State would have to win out (but unfortunately, they won’t have much in terms of quality wins, with BYU being bad and Boise State not being great).

The bigger issue is that the Pac 12 hasn’t been as good as the Huskies needed it to be (at least in regards to national perception). The Huskies could very well finish the regular season without playing a team that’s ranked (not an entirely fair measure, I know).


Many of us on this blog are simply puzzled as to why our passing game doesn't leverage the middle of the field more. It seems like 95% (being generous) of what we do is outside the hashes.

UWDP: For starters, I’m not actually sure why this is a big deal. The idea with the passing game is to throw to open spots, right? Does it actually matter where they come?

The middle is the most congested spot on the field; that’s where the linebackers and safeties typically start each play. The sides are much less populated as a general rule. The middle is also where you tend to see receivers absorb the majority of those big hits that make ESPN highlights.

The Huskies run a lot of two (and even three) tight end sets. That brings the defense to the middle of the field. If they were an offense that utilized four and five wide receivers with any regularity, they’d spread the defense out more, and the crossing routes would be far more available.

The Huskies could probably use the middle more than they do, for sure. I’m not convinced there’s any sort of intrinsic value in doing so, though.


Not a question, just a statement.

Watching Vea flush Burmeister and then keep stay on him all the way to the sideline was just magical. A 340 pound man should not run as fast as a run first dual threat QB and keep him from turning upfield.

Enjoy these last moments of him.

UWDP: Totally agree. Vita Vea is a phenomenal defensive lineman - one of the physical freaks on the team. Dick Baird made the argument that Vea is actually better than Steve Emtman. I’m not sure if I agree or not, but there’s a case that can be made.

Jon May

Percent chance our DAWGS roll off 13-straight wins against the hapless Ducks?

UWDP: 1.00325%


What ever happened to the UWDawgPound football podcast? I miss getting my fix each week!

UWDP: There used to be a podcast?


The defense is playing at a very high level. Do you project Murphy coming back to play against Stanford and, if so, do you see him getting the start. Also, is Victor's absence a result of attitude or just getting beat out by someone better? Do you envision a scenario that gets him back into the mix on the first team D?


What is the status of Byron Murphy? We keep hearing rumors that he is almost ready but no game appearances.

UWDP: Byron Murphy didn’t suit up for the Oregon game. I don’t know if he’s going to be healthy enough to suit up (or travel) for the Stanford game.

At this point, there’s no real need to rush him back. Austin Joyner has played really well in his absence, and the defense has weathered losing Jordan Miller equally as well (which is a shock - I don’t think any team in the country could lose both its starting corners without missing a beat). Murphy is going to need some time to get back into football shape. The old adage is that you don’t lose a starting spot due to injury, but once he’s healthy enough to go 100%, Murphy is going to need to prove in practice that he’s the best option the defense can put on the field.

We’ll look for #1 on the sidelines Friday night. Maybe even on the field.


Is there any chance that Greg Gaines comes back next year? If not is the rotation Johnson, Onwurzurki, Bowman and Pulu?

UWDP: Sure, there’s a chance. Maybe even a pretty good one. I don’t follow the NFL draft much at all, so I don’t know where he’d be projected if he came out this year.

If he leaves, then yes, those are the four that have played this year. After that, it’s down to guys that are either redshirting, currently buried on the depth chart, or a position change. It’s not ideal, for sure.

Tall, Dawg & Handsome:

If Florida whiffs on Frost, what are the chances the Gators go after Taggart? Should I root for this scenario just because of the pure embarrassment and upheaval it would cause for the ducks program? Or should I worry that a vacancy at oregon could be filled by Coach K or Coach Lake?


Ducks do not want to see Taggart go to Florida. I don’t him to go either because I fear his replacement. He’s a decent recruiter but I’m not buying his total coaching acumen. I hope he is around a long time. It’s early but that’s my hunch. Agree?


Is Taggart more sizzle than steak?

UWDP: Florida athletics has a ton of money, but I read someplace that they’ll be paying three head coaches next year - two of them to not coach the Gators.

It’s a desirable job, located in one of the biggest recruiting hotbeds in the nation. They have a good recent history, even though the last two coaches didn’t work out. Willie Taggart is a guy that might not make the initial short list, but could very well be in the next round.

Taggart is entirely an incomplete to me. He’s had pretty good success at his first two stops, but wasn’t at either long enough to establish that he’d actually “built” a program. His recruiting returns at Oregon have been great, and he put together a fantastic staff, but hasn’t shown either way if he has the qualities that separate good salesmen and showmen from good coaches.

If he leaves, there’s no way Jimmy Lake is a realistic candidate to skip the coordinator part of his apprenticeship and move straight to a head job. The bigger risk is that a new head coach at Oregon poaches him to be the defensive coordinator.

As for Kwiatkowski, it looks like the opportunity to be a head coach has passed, if he even ever wanted it to begin with. He’s in his 50’s now, and it just doesn’t look like that’s his track. He’ll have to settle for being one of the best defensive coordinators in the country.....


With Hunter Bryant, Quinten Pounds, Andre Baccelia out, the dwindling of the pass catching corps is very concerning. Who in your opinion will step up over the next few weeks? I saw Baccelia suited up, but I didn't notice if he played at all. Will he play next week?

UWDP: Andre Baccellia did play on Saturday, as an FYI.

I’m concerned, too. Very concerned. The news about Hunter Bryant is good.

Aaron Fuller played well against Oregon, which was great to see. He needs to continue to build on that.

It’s highly unlikely we see redshirts pulled at this point in the season, so it’s going to be up to guys like Fuller, Brayden Lenius, a (hopefully) healthy Baccelia, and Ty Jones to step up. Otherwise, the Huskies’ only real hope is that Dante Pettis goes crazy to finish out his senior season.

El Royo:

On the Huskies fly sweep fumble, Browning looked like he was trained to look for the fumble 1st, and then become a blocker if it was a clean hand-off. Is this an example of Coach Peterson and his attention to detail?

UWDP: That was definitely great awareness by Jake Browning. Whether it was specifically coached or not, I don’t know. Attention to detail is a hallmark of Chris Petersen, for sure. While you can’t prepare for every single eventuality on the field, you can try to teach players to think in a certain way. That’s what that play looked like.


Can the duck who targeted Browning still get punished by the PAC 12 conference?

UWDP: No, I don’t believe so. And frankly, I’m glad about that.

I can see a “roughing the passer” penalty coming out of that play because of the high contact, but I’m glad that wasn’t called targeting.


My question is about quarterback footwork on running plays. Can footwork before the handoff change the entire nature or verbiage of a play? E.g. oline runs power right out of some 11 formation for two plays, in the first, the qb does a full pivot (like a counter) and in the second he just does more of an inside zone handoff. To what degree are these still the same play if they're the same blocking and formation?

UWDP: The quarterback’s footwork is more a function of whether he’s taking the snap under center or out of the shotgun. A “read” play always comes out of the shotgun (zone read, power read); it’s impossible for the quarterback to read a defender while simultaneously dropping to make a handoff. As far as I’ve seen, Jake Browning always reverse pivots when he’s under center (that is, opens up away from the play after getting the snap).

The Huskies definitely run the same plays from the gun and from under center, and they look very different with regards to the QB/running back exchange. They’ll run read looks both in zone plays and power plays, and also run those same plays from a traditional center exchange. The blocking doesn’t change, though.

I’m not entirely sure I’m answering your question. Please let me know if I’m missing the point.


Royce Freeman has had a good season and great career. Is it just me or has he looked disengaged since the big hit last year in Eugene? He doesn’t have the eye of the tiger anymore. Maybe he has given up on the ducks?

UWDP: He was banged up most of 2016, and the Ducks mailed in the second half of the season. He’s had a good first half of 2017. I haven’t watched him near enough over the course of his career to say either way on whether he’s lost anything (particularly since that hit), but it’s tough to argue with his results - they’re pretty damn good.

Captain man:

What's the most important game/outcome for uw next weekend (not counting stanford)?

UWDP: In terms of the playoffs, it’s Notre Dame vs. Miami or TCU vs. Oklahoma. In terms of winning the Pac 12 North (my first concern), it’s WSU vs. Utah.


Two questions, both with some exposition first because I am a blowhard:

1. BBK has obviously beaten out Victor for the starting LB spot opposite Bierria. What shocked the hell out of me on Saturday night was that Victor wasn't in the second group of LB's either. I might be wrong, but I don't think he played one snap at inside linebacker. When he was on the field, outside of special teams, he looked to be exclusively at D End. Question(s): Is it possible Victor's position is now D End only with LB a thing of the past? And is it possible that he has spent the last couple of weeks learning the position, but doesn't have all of the nuances down yet to crack the first or second group at that position? Lastly, is it out of the realm of possibility that perhaps by Utah, but more likely WSU, he has learned the position and his ability has put him in the two deeps? Postscript: I think Tevis Bartlett is the most underrated player not only on the defense, but on the team as a whole. (Nick Harris would be my pick for the offenses most underrated player) However, Potoa'e seems like he has been a major dud the whole season. I know nothing about football and it's perfectly reasonable that he may do a lot of good things I am not sophisticated enough to realize, but to me he looks more like a good football player than plays like one. If he wasn't Kikaha's doppelganger I don't think this would even be a debate. I can't imagine that with enough practices and learning the position Victor wouldn't be more productive then Potoa'e in a couple of weeks.

Holy crap - all that for one question? Sorry. I will make this one shorter.

2. This is absolutely no slight against Jake, rather a plaudit for the rest of the team as well as the coaching staff: Question: Do you think the Huskies record would be any different if KJCS was their starting quarterback this season? Postscript: Between the schedule and the somewhat new offensive style (related to departed personnel as well as injury) I am not sure the record would be much different. Again, not a knock on Jake in the slightest, just a fun thought experiment.

UWDP: I’ll kind of get into the first part about Azeem Victor below, but I didn’t see him play at linebacker, either - just as a pass rusher.

Tevis Bartlett and Nick Harris are both great candidates for the “All Underrated” team. My vote would probably go to Myles Bryant on defense. On offense, probably Coleman Shelton.

Benning Potoa’e is a pretty good anchor against the run on the end of the line of scrimmage. He isn’t a very dynamic pass rusher, for sure. He doesn’t have the moves Hauo’li Kikaha did as a senior (in fairness, Potoa’e is only a sophomore), or even a freshman for that matter. Potoa’e is more of a mauler type, and he’s definitely being used like a 3-4 defensive end a lot more frequently as the season moves along instead of being a pass rushing outside linebacker.

I don’t think the Huskies’ record would be even one game different at this point. For one, I think K.J. Carta-Samuels is a good quarterback, and would thrive with increased playing time. Two, the team isn’t winning by close margins, or the spectacular work of Jake Browning; it’s an offense that’s built on team-wide efficiency. Browning is better at that than Carta-Samuels (most likely), but I think either would’ve managed any win the team has had thus far. You can actually make an argument that the absence of Browning might have aided the team against ASU, as there would’ve been more emphasis on running the ball. That’s not to say that running was the key to winning that game necessarily, as the running game didn’t really work in the first half any better than the pass did. But throwing didn’t work, and that’s obvious.


What the heck is up with Azeri Victor not seeing the field. Don't tell me that this preseason All-American, preseason candidate for PAC-12 defensive POY has suddenly lost his talent and is now a third stronger. I don't buy it. If we are going to put our "best 11" on the field. He is absolutely included. What's the scoop? What do we not know?


I missed what happened with Azeem Victor who is an awesome, aggressive LB but hardly seen in recent weeks. Hurt again, in the doghouse, position change?


How do we get Azeem Victor more playing time on the field? Create a new position where he just rushes the qb?

UWDP: I’m not sure we can make the argument that he’s part of the “best 11” for 2017. The coaches obviously don’t think so.

What we’re seeing with Azeem Victor is almost unprecedented. He’s all of the things 2wallawalla says, and he’s done them under this coaching staff, so it’s not a matter of a change. He’s completely out of the rotation at inside linebacker, and he’s not a significant part of the rotation at defensive end/outside linebacker/pass rusher, although he’s getting a few snaps here and there.

My guess (and it’s only that) is that he hasn’t recovered totally from his injury last season - that he doesn’t have the same lateral speed and quickness, or can’t utilize it without pain. Purely speculation on my part, but with as good as he’s played the last two years, I can’t believe he’s simply been passed over by three guys. Maybe Ben Burr-Kirven, who’s faster (according to Dick Baird) and has simply played great football in 2017. But D.J. Beavers coming off an injury - the second he’s healthy enough to even play? I can’t see it (and that’s not a knock on Beavers in any way).

Maybe we’ll hear something when the season is over. Maybe not.


Simple qu3stion is our defense that good or the offenses we’ve been playing that bad?

Tomahawk 18:

I have been touting UW's defense as ELITE. Do you agree?

UWDP: The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but the defense is really good. Like, really, really good. Great, even. In the conversation with the best Husky defenses of all-time, when you get right down to it.

The Husky defense is currently rated #3 by FEI, which measures success by on a “per drive” basis. It’s #1 by S&P, which measures success on a “per play” basis. It’s the best in the nation, or near the top, in just about every significant counting stat as well (total yards, rushing yards, points, yards per play, etc.).

I’ve said this before, but the only issue with this defense is that it lacks sex appeal. It isn’t littered with household names, and it doesn’t generate fear by its mere presence (to fans, anyway...). It’s a relatively passive design that doesn’t have a ton of sacks or negative plays to its credit. It dominates not with eye-popping play, but strangling efficiency that results in lots of one, two, and three yard runs, and incomplete passes down after down. It’s only at the end of a game that fans can obviously see how truly dominant it was for 60 minutes when the opposition has single-digit point totals and sub-250 yards of total offense.

It’s most certainly elite for 2017. I say it’s elite in terms of the storied Husky history of great defenses. Elite all-time in all of college football? I don’t know. In a world of power suits and ostentatious accoutrements, the Husky defense shows up in wrinkle-resistant Dockers and all-weather Timberland boots (over comfortable white socks) and just goes to work.

Norm Eeinstein:

I can't afford a 'good' answer so I'll have to settle for one of your usual ;) Why did Coach Pete keep Browning in so late? Also, why do I think of Almond Roca whenever I clean the litter box?

UWDP: My only guess is to get some work with that modified offensive line. The offense just didn’t have that many snaps on Saturday - only 58 for the game, including garbage time.

I think the exact same thing about the litter box. My dogs appear to as well, as they pre-clean it for me every chance they get.


First, if the rumor is true (from "Bigdave"?) that any stupid questions may result in you "showing me the Pit Of Misery"...please, consider this post a "statement". Second, after the wonderful play design and execution of the two plays involving Ahmed, that resulted in two touchdowns (Gaskin's brilliant fake reverse w/Ahmed as a decoy...and Salvon's flying-fly-sweep TD) Do you think we will see a few more creative uses for Salvon in the passing game, as a deep-ball threat to open up more Pettis' and TE opportunities ? He does seem to draw attention! (*Reminder: "decoy" is code for a "statement" ok?)

UWDP: Maybe, but that doesn’t really seem to be the primary focus. Salvon Ahmed definitely gets a ton of attention from the opposing defense, but right now, he provides a ton of value in moving the linebackers from the middle of the field for both the running game and the quick passing game. He’s a playmaker with the ball in his hands, not a receiver. At least not yet. The down-the-field stuff might come, but right now, he’s more than pulling his weight on the field with what he’s doing.

Beef Dawg:

If UW and USC were to play at a neutral site this weekend, what would you think the spread would be?

UWDP: Huskies by 2 1/2.


Stellar defense, running the ball, can't throw as well.... are we an SEC team?

UWDP: Pretty much every SEC team would kill to be as “bad” in the passing game as the Huskies are right now.

And as good on defense. And running the ball, for that matter.


Hypothetical: UW plays all of the top 10 teams 10 times on a true neutral site with neutral circumstances. Which teams would we have a positive record against and which teams would we not?

UWDP: If the Huskies played those 100 hypothetical games, they’d be down to negative receivers and tight ends - not only would the ones on the roster all be hurt, but all of the recruits joining in the team in 2018, 2019, and 2020 would be as well.

I don’t know why you’re wishing injury on people. That seems pretty cold.

I think the Huskies would have winning records against Wisconsin, Miami, Notre Dame, and TCU.


Which win against Oregon did you enjoy more: 70-21 or 38-3?

UWDP: 70-21 was unexpected and flashy, but the defense wasn’t as thoroughly dominant. 38-3 was cold and wet, and didn’t have the pizzazz. But I was there, so that made it a lot of fun.

Recency bias makes me pick 2017. But that offense was a hoot to watch in Eugene....


When my boss questions my performance on the job dropping.... is "sorry im still drunk from partying when we whooped the ducks again" an acceptable answer?

UWDP: Yeah, I’ll accept it.


It seems like Browning is becoming a placeholder or a game manager... is this a fair assessment?

UWDP: Sure, but that’s always been his primary role - first and foremost, don’t make mistakes. But Petersen’s expectations (and Browning’s proven abilities) are pretty much that that’s a baseline, not necessarily a virtue unto itself.

Jake Browning made big plays in 2016 because there were big plays to be made within the context of the offense (and the personnel), not because he somehow created them on his own. In 2017, there are fewer available.


My brain tells me that Salvon Ahmed might be the best back currently on our team. Is this possible? What can you say to refute this?

UWDP: He’s got a really high ceiling.

Watch him regularly overrun his blocking. Then watch Myles Gaskin (and Lavon Coleman of late) set it up to be effective.

Really good. Lots of potential. Not the best right now. That’s clearly #9.


Oklahoma, TCU, Miami, Notre Dame. Two of these four teams will lose next week. Which ones do we want to lose?

UWDP: The correct answer is “it depends on what happens afterward,” but that’s not much fun. The loser of the Oklahoma/TCU game is basically out of contention, but the winner will be solidly above the Huskies. The two will likely meet in a rematch, so the important thing is that the loser wins the second one. I don’t think it actually matters much.

Notre Dame losing eliminates them from the playoffs, most likely. And I hate Notre Dame. I want them to lose.


When you and Landon fight or disagree, are we supposed to pick sides?

UWDP: That’s up to you. I certainly do.


It seems that Potoa'e is getting the start and more playing time than Ryan Bowman but Bowman is the one who ends up making more plays. Is it because Potoa'e is solid but not spectacular and Bowman has a few good plays but more bad ones as well? Do you think the coaches think Bowman is better with Johnson and Levi instead of Gaines and Vea? I would like to see Potoa'e move inside next year and Bowman get more playing time.

UWDP: I would like to see Potoa’e move inside next season as well, and I’m still surprised that it didn’t happen right away. He’s getting more and more snaps with his hand on the ground as the season moves on, playing like a 3-4 end. It’s a lot to ask him to add 30 pounds in a single offseason, though. We’ll just have to see.

I think Potoa’e does a pretty good job setting the edge against the run. With as little (in terms of bodies) as the coaching staff provides the defensive front in that regard, he’s valuable. Ryan Bowman is the better pass rusher, in my opinion. I sorely underrated his speed at the beginning of the year.

I don’t think it’s really about the mix of personnel as much as it is the situation, and just the rotation the coaches have established. 2018 is going to be interesting to watch unfold, though.


How important is margin of victory in our final 3 games to impress the committee and make up for our weak non-conference schedule? Should Coach Pete be trying to #drop50 each game?

UWDP: The Huskies really only have one opponent left that has any real regard nationally, and that’s WSU. The Huskies need them to continue to win (and move up in the rankings) and then beat them soundly in the Apple Cup.

Since Utah and Stanford aren’t perceived to be all that great, then yes, a solid win is necessary to simply maintain the perception of taking care of business.


When are we going to see a double pass again. Wouldn't a passing touchdown have been a great add to Pettis' stat line Saturday?

UWDP: I was thinking more about getting a defensive touchdown, as the offense/defense/special teams hat trick is always my favorite. I didn’t even consider the Dante Pettis passing TD, but now that you mention it, that would’ve been pretty awesome as well.

Either we’ll see it against Stanford, or we won’t. I think the offense is going to be most concerned about simply executing well on the road, and we won’t.


How do you rank Dante's 9th career punt return TD vs. Joe Jarzynka's 91 yard return for a TD in '98? Which is more galatically awesome?

UWDP: What I remember most about Joe Jarzynka’s run was him grabbing the fence by the east end zone bleachers and shaking it like crazy. That was pretty cool.

While both were galactically awesome, I have to take the record-setter. Big play in a big game at a big time.


Does it concern you that the men's basketball team only beat St. Martin's U. by four points?

UWDP: Without a doubt. Mostly because the Huskies had to mount a comeback late in the game to even get there. If the Huskies were up 16 with a few minutes left and St. Martin’s hit a bunch of threes against the end of the bench, that’s one thing. But St. Martin’s seemed to dictate the game.

Small sample size and all, but not the onomatopoeia of a start I’d hoped to see...


We do not want two SEC teams in the CFP. Isn't the best (while remaining realistic) outcome Auburn beating Georgia, Auburn losing to Alabama, and Alabama then beating Georgia? This keeps 2 loss Auburn and 2 loss Georgia behind us right? IF Auburn were to beat Georgia, then Bama, and then Georgia again, they would surely make it in even as a 2 loss champion, right? If Alabama and Georgia remain undefeated until the championship and Georgia only loses to Alabama in the championship, they could still beat us out for a spot right? Loss to Alabama looks hecka better than to ASU.

UWDP: I think if both Alabama and Georgia make it to the SEC title game undefeated, they’re both locks. So yes, your scenario is best.


Hey bro, I heard you got a micro peen from softy. You may wanna check on ya boy at the brothel

UWDP: I’m fairly certain you’ve just insulted me, but I’m at a bit of a disadvantage in replying to this question because English is the only language in which I’m fluent. If I’ve misunderstood you, and you’ve actually invited me to your pre-Holiday dinner gala, please let me know as soon as possible - yours is the one party of the season that I don’t want to miss.


Does one's execution of multiple-day chastity (i.e. seminal continence) leading up to game day increase on-field player performance?

In various systems of Hindu yoga and also Indian asceticism in general, the preservation of sexual energy is often considered a decisive factor to impact one's condition of mental and spiritual focus, bodily strength, and overall sense of vitality and ability to be fully present to the moment at hand. This is called brahmacharya, and in the Orthodox religion of the Brahmin priestly class, it is telling that young students of the Vedas were expected to remain celibate while they leared to perform ritual and memorized bewildering amounts of scripture. The adherence to celibacy was considered part and parcel to such a feat, and still is in many cases.

I know what you're probably thinking at this point: what the h*** does this any of this have to do with husky football?

Well, I ask (and I ask here in particular, as opposed to some random sports science blog) because Coach Pete has proven time and again that if there is some competitive advantage out there to be gained, no matter how slight or far-flung, surely he is going to act pursant of it. Peterson's extreme censorship of the Byron Murphy injury several weeks ago provides a good example of this trend, I reckon.


a) have you heard of anything like this pertain to the Huskies, or any other d1 football program for that matter?

b) is this or has this been the secret to Coach Pete's great coaching success? The special weapon of chastity strength/focus, as it were...

c) if yes to b, does that make Coach Socha the program's special designated "chastity enforcer" by chance?

UWDP: Whether physical performance is positively impacted by sexual celibacy or not, achieving it with a group of 100+ men in the 18-22 year-old range while they’re surrounded by 20,000 potential partners in close quarters on a daily basis is a feat unto itself, and might be the actual goal of the coaching staff (if such a condition is truly desirous). It would represent discipline and devotion heretofore unheard of.

I don’t know if this is something that the coaching staff uses to harness, but I think it would be an incredibly difficult weapon to control, with the odds of negative repercussions at high levels, as with a nuclear bomb. If it is employed, then I’m sure it’s a job that would fall to the strength and conditioning coach, as he has the most contact with the team; while some would pass out weight belts at the start of each workout, Tim Socha would securely fasten chastity belts on each player.

Lucas Shannon:

Hey Brad, my question is, after a second consecutive beatdown of the Ducks, do you think that this now “our series” again? Or, do you need to see the Huskies beat the Ducks at least on e more time next year before you’ll go that far? I think for me, it’s hard not to feel like we hold the decisive edge at this point.

UWDP: The Huskies hold a pretty decisive edge right now, and it’s mostly due to the head coaching situations of both programs. I don’t expect a run similar to the one the Ducks had that was gloriously ended in 2016, but in 10 years, these past two seasons could be the start of a 7-3 run, or something like that.


What player on the defense deserves more shine for their play vs Oregon?

UWDP: I thought D.J. Beavers played well in a backup role at inside linebacker. Taylor Rapp did a great job as the nickel back.



What OL stood out the most in run blocking vs Oregon... And which OL stood out in pass protection:

UWDP: Coleman Shelton was fantastic against the run. He dominated those squatty nose tackles Oregon used, and did a great job getting to the second level a number of times.

The line as a whole was really strong against the pass. I can’t really name one guy that stood out.


I miss Chico and I think a lot of other fans do... I have mentioned Ahmed being worked into that tole somewhat and I feel he's talented enough to pull some of it off very well if given more chances... I guess I'm just curious to see what kind of usage rate we can expect to see going forward from him .. about the same? More? I hope not less

UWDP: I think it’s going to go up, without a doubt. It has been the entire season.

He commands a lot of attention from opposing defenses. The Husky offense almost uses him like a magnet pre-snap - wherever he does, so goes the opposing team.

He hasn’t been used too much as a receiver. Getting him some carries as a fly sweep back (and not just on reverses) might open that up more. It’s been a little obvious he’s getting a screen at times when it’s been used. Like against UCLA, when he lined up in a trips formation with Drew Sample and Will Dissly....


After the Oregon game where do u feel we rank nationally in stopping the run?? More curious to see who has passed the eye test more than figures, but figure can be nice too lol

UWDP: One of the best out there. Statistically and the eye test.

All for this week, Husky fans. Make sure your lucky t-shirt/hat/jersey/underwear is either washed or unwashed (as the case may be). Game time tomorrow!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!