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Huskies Game Awards: Oregon Edition

The Huskies dismantled the Ducks at home Saturday night as they notched their first home win in the series since 2003. Let’s dig into who the standouts were for the Dawgs.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? After a slow first quarter that saw the Huskies trailing 3-0, the Huskies scored the final 38 points of the game, and cruised to a 38-3 win. It was the first time the Ducks hadn’t scored a touchdown in a game in a decade.

Here is who stood out the most for the Huskies on Saturday.

Offensive Player of the Game: Myles Gaskin

Gaskin had a solid performance on the ground for the Huskies Saturday night. He finished the game with 123 yards on 17 carries and one score. The junior running back was up to his old tricks yet again against the Ducks, showing off his masterful vision and ability to stop and start. He provided arguably the second most exciting highlight of the game (Mr. Pettis takes the cake for most exciting highlight, which I’ll get to in a second) when he faked a jet sweep hand off that duped at least four Oregon defenders and set up his 34 yard touchdown run in the second quarter.

There are quite a few runner ups here; you could make a case for Jake Browning, Dante Pettis, or Salvon Ahmed. Browning looked like him old self Saturday, throwing with confidence and anticipation, and also seemed to have more trust in his wide receivers than we have seen in recent weeks. He finished the game with 204 passing yards on 11/19 passing, two touchdowns and one interception. Dante Pettis finished the game with 4 catches for 87 yards and one 47 yard touchdown reception. Ahmed finished the day 6 carries for 84 yards, 57 of which came on his electric third quarter touchdown run.

Needless to say, it was an exciting night for the Huskies offense.

Defensive Player of the Game: Ben Burr-Kirven

The junior linebacker had another phenomenal game for the Huskies. He finished with 10 tackles, 5 of which were solo, and also recorded a pass deflection as well. Burr-Kirven’s speed was essential to containing the Ducks rushing attack. I was also impressed with BBK’s ability to tackle Royce Freeman. Freeman is an elite, big running back, but Burr-Kirven did a great job of wrapping up the Ducks star player.

I also enjoyed watching the junior linebacker try to beat the field turf into submission after nearly intercepting a pass late in the third quarter.

My runner up here goes to Taylor Rapp, who finished the game with 6 tackles, 5 of which were solo, 1 sack and 1.5 tackles for loss. Much like BBK, Rapp’s speed and elite ability to finish plays was a big reason why the Huskies were so dominant on the defensive side of the ball.

Special Teams Player of the Week: Dante Pettis

As you obviously already know, Dante Pettis made college football history Saturday when he punched in his 9th career punt return. For any of you who were lucky enough to be there to watch Pettis break the record in person, (I was in attendance myself) how fun was that? I mean, it was sheer pandemonium in the stadium for at least 3 or 4 minutes after Pettis broke the record. That was the loudest Husky stadium has been since the Stanford game last year, and it was great.

Cherish Dante Pettis Huskies fans. He’s truly one for the ages.