Mid Season Positives and Concerns

Offensively I don't like what I see with Jake holding the ball so long. He's got to get through his progressions faster and guys have to get open. I love seeing Hunter Bryant emerging as another dominant receiver behind Pettis.

The offensive line needs to be more consistent. On one play they'Re holding up beautifully in protection and giving Jake a clean pocket forever. On the next play they have trouble picking up a blitz and Jake has to scramble out to throw the ball away or worse yet Jake takes hits and sacks. Running the ball against Cal they just did not look as dominant as I thought they should . I don't know that we broke off any big chunk plays in the run game and we need those moving forward. The other thing I was disappointed with was how many tackles for loss we gave up.

Defensively there is not much to complain about. The two concerns we had were lack of a pass rush and inexperience at the cornerback position. The CBs are playing well and the pass rush is improving.

Special teams is solid sans the field goal kicking. Hopefully Soderberg has ice in his veins and Viscaino regains his confidence. Chime in DAWGFANS I'm interested to hear your opinions. GO DAWGS!!