My Funniest Cuog Story

This one is a doozy! So I'm driving back from another win at Husky Stadium. I don't know if I had just stayed later than usual in Seattle to visit with my mother or sister but I just recall it being very dark. I was driving home across dark and desolate eastern Washington. I think most of you have been over here on the east side. The topography is VERY different! I remember being on a flat desolate area rolling on along I-90, nothing but sand, tumble weeds and sagebrush. I'm bored and decide for whatever reason to listen to the cuogs. Bob Robertson is running the post game show and he's by himself. I remember this to be late so maybe not as late as today's post game but that was my recollection. Of course the cuogs had cuoged it again that day and lost. Bob is fielding questions and he gets one about the game which of course is fine. The next guy calls in and asks a major league baseball question. Bob's a little perturbed but within reason, he's like, let's talk about the game or the state of cuogs guys this is the cuog postgame show afterall. Now listen DAWGfans you can not make this stuff up! The next guy calls in and asks what Bob thinks of FSU this season. Bob is now getting pissed now and you can hear it in his voice. Come on you guys lets talk cuog football! Bob takes the next call and mind you he's working the postgame show by himself. Bob takes the next call and the guy asks "Is it true Clete Casper is gay?" I laughed so hard I almost drove into the ditch! Bob was obviously shocked I got this mental image of him reaching for the sensor button but being late to the party. I can't remember what was said next but I will NEVER forget that cuog postgame show! PRICELESS! GO DAWGS!!