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Mailbag: “Dessert in the Desert” Edition


NCAA Football: California at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Facts about cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes were actually originally called “Number Cakes” or “1234 Cakes” because it was an easy way to remember portions…One cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs, one cup of milk, and one spoonful of soda.
  • October 18th is National Chocolate Cupcake Day.
  • November 9th is National Vanilla Cupcake Day.
  • December 15th is National Lemon Cupcake Day.
  • Original cupcake recipes were not frosted, and usually were usually just flavored with spices or dried fruit.
  • Cupcakes gained popularity in 1919 when Hostess became mass producing them. But they weren’t the cream filled, frosted kind we all know until the 1950’s.
  • Cupcakes gained popularity in the early 2000’s when NYC shops like Magnolia Bakery were featured on Sex and the City.
  • The record for eating the most cupcakes in the shortest time is 29 cupcakes in 30 seconds.
  • The world’s largest cupcake weighed over 1,200 lbs and had over 2 million calories.
  • The first “cupcake only” bakery was Sprinkles Cupcakes, opened in 2005. They make over 25,000 cupcakes a day from 11 locations.
  • Approximately 13% of couples serve cupcakes in lieu of a traditional cake at their weddings.
  • In previous centuries, before muffin tins were widely available, the cakes were often baked in individual pottery cups, ramekins, or molds and took their name from the cups they were baked in.
  • The first mention of the cupcake can be traced as far back as 1796, when a recipe notation of “a light cake to bake in small cups” was written in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons.
  • In previous centuries, before muffin tins were widely available, the cakes were often baked in individual pottery cups, ramekins, or molds and took their name from the cups they were baked in.
  • Winston Churchill was the first to suggest a sweet frosting on top of the cakes.

Take that, ESPN.


On a scale of 1-10, how concerned should I be about our DT recruiting? 11?

UWDP: Today, when all of the Huskies’ top targets are still in play? Not very. Maybe a 5?


The TD catch? started to look like an int, but replay made it look like a catch by off. player. What were ref options since the ball never hit the ground?

UWDP: It becomes a judgement call. If the ball the ruling is “simultaneous possession,” the ball belongs to the offense.

ARTICLE 6. Complete Pass

Any forward pass is complete when caught by a player of the passing team who is inbounds, and the ball continues in play unless completed in the opponent’s end zone or the pass has been caught simultaneously by opposing players. If a forward pass is caught simultaneously by opposing players inbounds, the ball becomes dead and belongs to the passing team (Rules 2-4-3 and 2-4-4). (A.R. 2-4-3:III) (A.R. 7-3-6:I-VIII)


With CP now recruiting mostly 4 stars, should we get used to slow recruiting seasons that can end in a boom or bust class (bust now defined as a class ranked +20th) because many 4 stars wait till last minute to decide?

Hey recruits, if you decide early on your favorite school, you can help them build a championship type team. Better said, you only hurt yourself by waiting......... sorry, I know it's impossible to get an 18 y/o to engage in forward thinking.

UWDP: I’d hesitate to say there’s a “normal” in recruiting. Highly-rated quarterbacks tend to be the first dominoes that fall, but after that, some players commit early, and some wait.

I think the biggest thing to expect in recruiting moving forward is relatively small classes that are consistent in size. There aren’t going to be many “boom and bust” cycles with Chris Petersen.


please stop answering the filler questions from Rhaego and Prego. Just stick to Football, their odd ball questions detract from the real insight that you provide to the reader.

My question Azeme and Kieshawn were really quiet against Cal. My thought is the DL did so much damage there wasn't much for them to accomplish. Is that your thought as well? Are they being used differently or are they having down years?


It seems like Azeem Victor has not been playing as much as would be expected since returning from his suspension. Is it due to the play of BBK, him learning a new position (OLB) in a effort to get him and BBK on the field at the same time, or resting him for the more difficult part of the schedule coming up?

UWDP: On the first part, Colorado, I seriously doubt they’re all the same person. And whoever is coming up with the sauce-themed names, in my opinion, has done a fairly remarkable job considering the low level of source material inherent. We’re six weeks in, and haven’t seen many repeats, and I want to see if it can be maintained over a full season. There are also a number of legit questions in there.

Both Keishawn Bierria and Azeem Victor have been quiet this whole season, not just against Cal. Bierria has failed to record a single statistic in three of the last four games (one of those being Cal), and Victor only has 19 tackles on the season (with 10 of those coming against Colorado). That isn’t to say that they aren’t playing well necessarily, just that it’s not showing up in the box score. I’d say the biggest reason for those two has been the play of Ben Burr-Kirven; he’s been pretty fantastic this season. He got the start against Cal over Victor, although I can’t be sure if it was merit, injury, discipline of some sort....Victor played, so whatever the reason, it wasn’t enough to keep him out of the game. Given Burr-Kirven’s play over the course of the year, though, it’s hard to argue he should be on the bench more....

Nobody had very many tackles against Cal (Jojo McIntosh lead the team with seven). Stops were spread out amongst a lot of players, but the bulk came from the secondary. The front certainly did its job as well.


Just how good is this defense? Back to back dominant games against Cal and OSU were impressive, and I mean really impressive. Not allowing 200 yards of offense is simply amazing. I don't see the explosive dominance of past years, but they simply don't allow easy yards. How would you compare the D against the past 3 years? I feel the D from 3 years ago was the best, but the past two Ds are very close.

UWDP: Given the strength of the opponents so far, it’s tough to compare this team to past seasons. But the starting defense (including the “normal” liberal rotation) has given up a grand total of three touchdowns through six games, and none in the last 11 quarters of football. That’s incredible.

It’s not an explosive defense. In fact, I’d argue the design is very much passive - bend but don’t break. But the absolute dominance in individual battles, the consistency in tackling and assignment, and the sheer volume of guys playing at an exceedingly high level is amazing.

With a healthy Azeem Victor and Jojo Mathis, I’d take the 2016 version over the one in 2015, but would not complain to be “stuck” with either. There’s not a good reason for this version to wind up better than either of those two, but it’s on pace to do so. I can’t wait to see them play next.


We're going to Tempe for the first time this week's game. Who can we join for tailgating, or what bars/restaurants are best for pregame activities?

UWDP: Anyone, feel free to chime in here....

I’ve been to Tempe twice for Husky games, and it rained both times. Go figure.


Good Customer Service is not soft. CP voicing his apology to fans is only letting them know he wishes start times were different. Should PAC 12 teams all agree to share time slots on PAC 12 network. I don't believe it would effect revenue that much. ESPN and Fox will likely not change.

P.S having earlier game starts is a good argument for adding teams from the Mountain time zone since it would pressure TV to air games one hour earlier. Any hope to add Texas Schools or maybe Oklahoma.

UWDP: The Pac 12 Network holds a few games back each year, but for the most part, are third to the table in terms of selecting games, after the “big” networks that are part of the TV contract. When you add in everyone’s preference to play at night in the state of Arizona, things are limited even further.

The whole “soft” thing is simply an unrelated argument ESPN used to “get back” at Chris Petersen and Washington for the comments about late starts.

Big prizes like Texas and Oklahoma might move the needle as far as start times go. Utah and Colorado most definitely have not; the Huskies kicked off at 8:00 pm local time in the game at CU earlier this year.

I personally think the Pac 12 should be actively working to undermine the Big 12 regardless, in an effort to get Oklahoma and Texas. I think that conference is playing on borrowed time as it is, and there’s almost undoubtedly going to be another round of expansion. Without those two, though, adding anyone from the Big 12 is a failure. I’d willingly add just about any other school in conjunction with those two, but nobody else is worth it on their own.

Mike Pitzler

Why is ESPN trying to keep me up past my bedtime?

UWDP: Because you’re just a dollar sign to ESPN. An itty-bitty, teeny tiny, insignificant one at that. Just like the rest of us.


Obviously there has been a lot of outrage from UW fans about how ESPN spent 90% of their energy during Saturday night’s broadcast. R

egardless of the fact that Coach Pete’s point was about late games making it more difficult for fans to attend and making the environment less of an advantage for the dawgs (a fact that ESPN ignored), I am trying to keep my gears in neutral on this. ESPN felt slighted and decided to make a point of it (Herbie, Cupcakes, Irascable, Cantakerous, Quint telling Softy that Pete needs to stay in his lane). I’m trying to understand where they came from.

What I don’t understand, and I’m hoping you can explain.... is why not a single conversation from ESPN includes the fact that Wisconsin backed out of our series, taking away a matchup vs a top tier Big 14 team and creating a OOC void that ESPN is hammering home. Or that UW has Auburn next year. Or Michigan in 2020. Pete, thank you for the apology about me getting home from games at 3 am because I don’t live in Seattle.

Go Dawgs!

UWDP: First you’d have to take it as a given that intellectual honesty isn’t a critical aspect of ESPN’s bottom line (the appearance of it is a different story).


Why is it ESPN’s interest to tell the full story?

My biggest takeaway - what I’m choosing to make my biggest takeaway - is that Chris Petersen is on my side. That’s a good feeling.


I am assuming that the Sun Devils record to date is probably masking how good a team they really are. Should UW fans expect this to be to be the toughest game yet for us this season, given:

1) They are coming off a bye and have had two weeks to prepare for us.

2) Collectively (including their games against ASU) the cumulative won/loss record of their opponents is 20W - 9L, while the same for UW is 15W - 19L.

3) It's a road game at a tough destination for us. The Huskies recent performance in the dessert has been crappy.

Tell us why UW should win and and also beat the spread.

UWDP: I’d say that this is the best offense the Huskies have faced so far this season, without a doubt. The best running team, and the best passing team.

I’m not exactly sure if ASU’s defense is better than Colorado’s, but it’s equivalent. Both are rated poorly by S&P (Colorado is 71, ASU is 119). You get to a certain point and that becomes a difference without distinction.

I think the bye is more important in terms of getting healthy than in preparation, but it’s a factor that works in ASU’s favor. I don’t think it’s huge, though. I don’t think there’s a ton of value in comparing records of dissimilar schedules, but in this case, ASU has lost relatively close games to three pretty decent teams. They were well-contained in two of those losses.

As for playing in the desert....That’s utterly meaningless to me. Zero bearing on this game. Petersen’s record is 1-1.

The Huskies will win comfortably because the UW offense is much better than ASU’s defense, and the UW defense is better than ASU’s offense.

Phil can't buy a Natty

You think GFG or Vita suffer from body shaming or cyberbullying

UWDP: Yes on both.

Victoria Husky

As much as we love Gaskin and his passive agressive and productive running style, is he well suited for the No Fun League or can we hold out hope for a senior curtain call from the diminutive ball carrier?

UWDP: I never would’ve come up with “passive-aggressive” to describe Myles Gaskin’s running style. But I can actually see it....

He’s not going to be taller or (appreciably bigger) by staying another season, so his draft stock isn’t going to change too much by coming back. He showed really nice ability to catch the ball earlier this season (Rutgers), but hasn’t been used much since then (only four other catches). His pass blocking is pretty good, but probably not considered a strength.

If Gaskin really wants to play in the NFL, there isn’t a great argument to be made for his coming back. If he’s realistic about his chances to actually succeed (and they aren’t great, for any running back), then leaving early might very well mean hanging up his cleats without maximizing the total number of football games he gets to play in his lifetime. If he comes back, he owns every meaningful career rushing record in UW history.

If I was betting money, I’d wager he comes back. But I don’t have a ton of conviction in that.

Touched by a Browning

Does the NCAA currently test for marijuana?

UWDP: Not as part of the year-round testing program; only at championship events.


I know people like to set the hype about the Huskies not winning down in Arizona since 2001 but what does that really mean? Two years ago a 6-6, young husky team loss down there after dominating the first half of the game. Now Coach Petersen has a mature team that has been handily beating the bottom feeders so far this year. Why is the spread only 17 points? Will the spread be going up before kick off?

UWDP: “Only” 17 points? That’s a big number. I’m more surprised that WSU is only giving 14 to Cal.

Not winning under prior coaches with different rosters is utterly meaningless. It’s media fodder and nothing else.


What do you make of Vita Vea lining up out wide on pass rushing downs? I don't believe I have seen this before this game. Is it experimenting with different looks, lack of production from other pass rushers, trying to get him single matchups against only a tackle, or something else?

UWDP: He’s done it at least a couple of times this year. Oregon State, I think?

It’s yes to all of those questions. Including the last part.

I've got a special ragu sauce for espn

Should Malloe be fired for not securing top DL commitments?

UWDP: If Ikaika Malloe is actually the problem with defensive line recruiting (and nobody actually knows, no matter what they think), then he might be. Sample sizes and the like keep this discussion well out of the range of “should” though.

Sherbet melts under pressure

Is USC still UW's biggest barrier to the CFP?

UWDP: On the field I’d probably say it’s WSU. But the actual biggest barrier is the fact that it’s really, really hard to play at a peak level for 12 weeks in a row.

Chris Petersen doesn't eat cheese

If you could wave a magic wand what dream addition or feature to Husky Stadium would you make happen?

UWDP: Fans that make showing up and staying a priority.

Just plain Gary

Did Petersen poke ESPN or did ESPN poke Petersen

UWDP: I really don’t think Chris Petersen set out to take a shot at ESPN. ESPN most definitely did, though.


What happens first: Dawgs win in Tempe or Rhaego goes unanswered in a weekly mailbag?

UWDP: As of this point right now, the former. But I answer about 95% of the questions each week.


What's your favorite ride at Disneyworld?

UWDP: I’ve only spent one day at Disney World, and it was too cold for most of the water rides. Probably Mission: Space.

Disney Land and Disney World are both highly overrated in my mind. Even for little kids, there are better parks.


UW and WSU undefeated at Apple cup, gameday wants to come to town, do we just give them the middle finger instead?

UWDP: I wish, but no chance. Lots of people really like Game Day. Even with the brouhaha, Husky fans would still show up in numbers.

I think you can count on Game Day being at Auburn-Alabama or Michigan-Ohio State that day, though.

Annoying announcers

Who's your favorite announcer tandem to cover a Husky game? Least favorite? Porque?

UWDP: My all-time favorite would be Keith Jackson and Bob Griese. Beyond that, I can’t really tell you the names of many of them; I mostly dislike all of them because they simply talk too much. Mike Belloti made positive additions to a game. I think Kirk Herbstreit does as well. I can’t stand to listen to Brett Musberger.

Bob Rondeau and Chuck Nelson.

Dawg Fight

Why would Georgia beat UW? Why would UW beat Georgia? Why would they play a game with infinite overtime periods?

UWDP: Washington would win because its offense would score more points against Georgia’s defense than Georgia could muster against Washington’s defense (meaning it would very likely be a low-scoring affair).

Georgia would win because they have two good running backs and the offense is improving with Jake Fromm at QB.

The teams would play infinite overtimes because the football gods love us, and are benevolent.


Should Stanford's Love give us nigjtmares?

UWDP: He’s a really good running back, and he’s likely going to get his yards. Unless he goes absolutely crazy against Washington, Stanford doesn’t have enough else on offense to win, and Stanford’s defense isn’t good enough to shut down Washington’s offense.

Oregon State, Cal, USC

Which PAC12 schools would KJCS start at (If he was there this year)?

UWDP: Oregon State and Cal for sure. Not USC. Maybe Utah, if Tyler Huntley is out for an appreciable length of time.

Oregon? Maybe...

He’d look great at Stanford.

Scenario comparison

Relative merits of beating a ranked (and rank) USC in Santa Clara vs the wheels falling off at the LA Coliseum this year

UWDP: Other than selfish (and misplaced) fan satisfaction, there is absolutely, positively zero benefit for the Huskies in USC losing games.


With the passing of Y.A. Tittle, and other celebrities/musicians/artists who have passed away recently there is always a sharp spike in interest around them after their passing as opposed to before their passing (for obvious reasons). It got me thinking; who are some living players from past years that should be remembered, even if they weren't quite accomplished enough in college to earn a spot in the Huskies Ring of Honor?

UWDP: Wow, that’s an incredibly open-ended question.

Just for their play on the field? For what they’ve done in totality?

My list is certain to be different than yours, or anyone else’s.

Jerome Pathon. Orlando McKay. D’Marco Farr. Larry Triplett. Bern Brostek. Donald Jones. Michael Jackson. Keith Price. Rick Fenney. Fred Smalls. Tim Meamber.

Paul Homer was the Husky Legend against Cal. After graduating, he went to medical school back home at Nebraska. He’s a doctor at Seattle Children’s Hospital now. I thought that was pretty cool.


One of those "things" that I often ponder are "odd-trends"...this week it's the UW's tendencies towards "slow-starts" and "desert-game-difficulties". How important do you think a hot-start by the Dawgs this week would be in affecting the psyche of ASU? (Those lil' devils were sure feisty to the end last year)

UWDP: A fast start is preferable to a slow one, but in the end, I don’t think it really matters. I’m sure ASU will be emotional to start the game, but that isn’t going to be able to carry them very far. They’re still going to have to make plays on both sides of the ball.


With all the late starts do the coaches advocate watching other NCAA football games, advocate against, leave it up to the players?

UWDP: I’d bet players watch at least a little football during the lead-up to a late game. It’s almost impossible to not.

This is the sort of thing that’d be interesting to know, but doubtful that we ever will.


What is up with the zone at halftime. Takes 40 minutes to get a beer and you miss 3rd quarter. When will they sell at concessions or in multiple tents like pre game?

UWDP: It’s obviously your own choice to make, but if it’s going to take that long to get a beer, is it worth the trip?

Lucas Shannon

Hey Brad, two questions for you:

Thoughts on the helmets? I personally loved them.

Am I crazy to be worried about ASU's ultra-aggressive blitzing defense this week? I'm worried it may cause problems for our O-line.

UWDP: If the team is going to use alternate uniforms (and they are), it’s at least a reasonably unique idea. I sort of liked them. It’s far more important what the players thought (and recruits).

ASU’s blitzing will in fact cause problems for the offensive line and the offense in general several times on Saturday. All the blitzing will also present opportunities for big plays. Washington’s offense is going to make enough big plays (and enough small and medium ones) to negate the times ASU’s blitz is effective.


What got better ratings for ESPN : 1) trolling UW in the morning, or 2) trolling UW fans at night? ;)

UWDP: On TV or here at uwdawgpound?


Kind of a quiet time in recruiting, should we expect it to pick next week during the bye? Who will be the next commit? My bet is kyler Gordon or one of newton/brown?

UWDP: I’m sure the coaching staff will be busy recruiting during the bye, but I have no idea if it will amount to anything in the short term, nor who it would be. Feel free to take your guesses below.

Dawg in Boston

Curious if advanced stats back this up, but it seems like the primary difference between the Husky offense this year and last is that there are far fewer explosive/homerun plays this year. That might be why they keep trying to set up Dante on short hitches, trying to recreate a punt return type scenario on a play from scrimmage.

UWDP: Washington had one of the most explosive offenses in the country last season (5th in IsoPPP, a component of S&P). Those numbers aren’t available yet for the 2017 season, but I think your hypothesis is correct. The Huskies aren’t scoring on big plays near as often as they were in 2016. Against Cal, the average scoring drive (TD’s and field goals) was almost 10 plays, with one drive only covering 27 yards and another 44. Against Oregon State, the number was seven plays per score.

On the one hand, it means the Huskies are efficient; they’re able to maintain long drives and produce points.

Yes, the offense is looking to get the ball into their playmakers’ hands in space. Pettis is most definitely one of those.


What are the odds Jake stays for his senior year? He's a great quarterback but he doesn't possess some tools NFL teams are looking for. Last year I thought he was gone but now not so much.

UWDP: Early entrants at QB usually have the prototypical NFL traits (read: big arm). Guys that are on the fringe at best in that regard don’t have much history of leaving early that I can see.

75% chance he comes back.


Does it make me a bad person that I'd rather see us beat Oregon than WSU? I mean I want to beat the s**t out of both of them, but I take a perverse pleasure in beating Oregon.

UWDP: It makes you a fan.

As things stand right now, Washington can lose to Oregon and still control its own destiny in the Pac 12 North. The same can’t be said with losing to WSU.

Logically, if you have to lose one, it needs to be Oregon. But fandom and logic are often at loggerheads.


Hey Brad, Cal was easy, but so was your sister.

UWDP: Oh man. Burn.


Is it time to officially change Hunter Bryant's position from TE to WR? He's a match up nightmare for opposing defenses. I love this kid!

UWDP: Designation on the roster is pretty meaningless. He’s a football player, and one that can be useful and utilized in a number of ways.

Yeah, he’s had a great start. Hard to believe he’s a true freshman.

Grim Reaper Dawg

Win you stay, lose your dead. Are the Huskies becoming the grim reeper of the PAC 12; where the opposing team's coach dies if they can't beat the Huskies. Sark got fired after losing to the Dawgs and now Anderson. It was reported that if Helfrich could beat the Huskies, then he could have kept his job. Ha ha ha say the GR Dawg and 70 points later. Many a cougar coach have coached their last PAC 12 game after losing to the Dawgs.

Is playing the Dawgs now considered a make or break moment for coaches on the hot seat. Win and the seat gets a lot colder, lose and you're in the pit of fire(d).

UWDP: It was actually probably more true when the Huskies were a bad or mediocre team. Losing to the best in the conference isn’t exactly shameful, it’s expected.


Percent chance that Smith is named next coach at OSU?

UWDP: 12.496%, and this isn’t one of the more clever iterations.


When will we see Browning actually throw some balls in the direction of Ty Jones? Pettis and Bryant have become his #1 and #2, which is great...but Jones continually dwarfs his coverage guy (same with Lenius) but no jump balls thrown his way. Is this just not a pass that Jake likes to throw? Seems like we were all about Jones coming here for that type of athleticism, but there have been very few opportunities for him to display it...

UWDP: Jump balls are a very low percentage pass, and not a way to make a living. I’m actually glad we’re not seeing those.

Ty Jones had more snaps against Cal, but just hasn’t seen the field all that much. He’s going to continue to get his chances to show he belongs. But he was brought in to do a lot more than just catch jump balls.


Brad, will you lead the boycott of ESPN After their asinine treat of Coach Petersen and our program. I want to hurt them where it counts (no more clicks to, using now, suggestions on how to unbundle them from my PAC12N subscription)

UWDP: Except for live sports, I don’t watch at all. It’s not necessarily an intentional boycott, I just think the content sucks.

Husky Fan

Why is UW getting so much grief over the out of conference schedule? When we scheduled Rutgers they were 8-5. I am not sure when the Fresno St game got scheduled, but they went 11-2 in 2013. That doesn't seem like any intentional fluff scheduling and they shouldn't be penalized for that. Look at, let's say Georgia and they played App State and Samford with one game against Notre Dame - a team that went 8-5 in 2014. I am sick of hearing this narrative.

UWDP: The Huskies are getting grief because the out-of-conference schedule sucks.

If you thought Rutgers was going to be a “good” team in 2016 and 2017 based on a brief period of relative success (in a different, much weaker conference), you were making a sucker bet. Same with Fresno State. There’s a reasonable expectation that Notre Dame is going to be good any given year.

I’m sick of the narrative, but far more so because it’s true. The schedule this year is an embarrassment and an insult to the season ticket-buying fan base.


Surprise breakout player for the 2nd of the season? I'll say Ty Jones on offense and JoJo (haven't heard much from him yet) on defense!

UWDP: I’d love for it to be Ty Jones.

If Hunter Bryant is still eligible, he’s my pick on offense. On defense, I expect to see an uptick in production from Jaylen Johnson and the continued emergence of Ryan Bowman.


The one player on UW who you wish redshirted, but didn't? Dissly needn't have played in 2014. Sigh.

UWDP: Will Dissly is definitely a great choice.

Brandon Wellington and Tevis Bartlett would be on the list.


What color were the helmets, really? This is an ongoing argument I have with my wife. I assert they are purple, but I am a Husky fan. She, on the other hand, isn't even a fan of American Football. Furthermore, blue is her favorite color. To her, the helmets appeared blue.

UWDP: They looked purple in person, but more blue on the Huskytron.

As for TV, it’s probably mostly a matter of your color settings.


Care to revisit that over-under for number of questions from Rhaego/Ragu/Prego/etc.? I think you set it at 80-something, and I'm pretty sure he's already eclipsed that (though I'm too lazy to go and count).

UWDP: Well, like I said, I don’t think they’re all the same person.

As for the real Rhaego/Ragu, I thought we’d lost him at the beginning of the season....


Why are we (Husky fans) all running around stealing Rodney Dangerfield's line? It's clear the coaches have our back at this point, and it's hard to argue with the AP's assertions either.

UWDP: I don’t know. Maybe because all of the other chips on our collective shoulders have fallen by the wayside.


As the season goes on, it's hard to pick a team that might be able to stymie us. Granted, we haven't played any world-beaters yet, but is there a team on our guaranteed schedule that truly scares you, considering how our defense is playing in particular? The only teams that seem to offer some potential challenge are Stanford and Utah (and no, as hyped as the Cougs are, I just don't see them being any better than when we faced them in the Apple Cup last year. Not against our defense), and even those two have been bitten by the injury bug and just don't seem as potent as in past years. UCLA, too, has lost a lot of key players, and they just don't seem impressive against good defenses. While Oregon's passing game may improve marginally between now and 3 November, I just don't think they'll have sufficient balance to threaten our defense.

UWDP: Man, I disagree that it’s not WSU, and I don’t think it’s close. WSU has an efficient offense and a genuinely good (as opposed to “sneaky good”) defense this year. That is going to be a tough, tough game. Add in the fact that we’re getting to the point that WSU is simply “due” to win an Apple Cup just based on odds, and the number of WSU fans that manage to get into the game (grumble, grumble Husky fans......), and crazy stuff just seems to go down in that game.

WSU is good. Utah is pretty good, but flawed. Same with Stanford.


UDub is the best team on the west coast now, so that is why we have the late night start times.

But won't you agree that if the three schools that run the conference had the most attractive teams on the west coast then network policy would have to change? Don't Stanford, UCLA and USC have way more juice than UDub to get better start times? Assuredly their fans don't like 8pm kickoffs any more than we do.

I'm thinking Larry Scott would listen to those schools - or lose his job. His stand vs the networks would have to be - contract or not - those three team's administrators, if irritated enough by their fan base, could demand no more than two starts per year after 5 pm PST.

UWDP: The decision was made when the conference let Larry Scott negotiate a new TV contract with carte blanche. Pull with Scott is no longer relevant (and I definitely wouldn’t include Stanford on your list). It’s all down to the TV networks.

You don’t think ESPN would love to show a top 5 USC team under the lights? I do. Hell, they managed to move USC-WSU to a Friday night.


Hypothetically speaking, if the Huskies continue to beat everyone like they are now, will that hurt the perception of the team come CFP time or will it make them look better? I honestly do not see a team that UW can't beat by double digits the rest of the schedule. I have a bad feeling it, being its the Huskies, it will hurt them.

UWDP: In terms of the narrative that the Pac 12 is down, then yes, it hurts the Huskies. In terms of the Huskies doing exactly what they need to do, it helps.

If the Huskies win out, they’re going to be in the playoffs. 99.9999%.

What the Huskies need is for the Pac 12 to establish a pecking order. The Huskies need other teams to start emerging (like WSU has). USC needs to keep winning. Things like a two-loss Stanford beating a moderately-ranked Utah aren’t the best (for Washington). The cannibalizing needs to stop.


One reaction I have not seen in this ESPS/UW head butting is the insult to the teams we've played. ESPN has labeled those programs as "Cupcakes". They have dedicated Athletes, Coaches and Fans. Sure, skill set may not be there, the physical makeup and, indeed, the budget, but they suit up and show up. To assign a segment of NCAA athletes to the Bakery is about as arrogant and shortsighted as you can get. Your take?

UWDP: It is arrogant of ESPN, and also undermines the credibility of the game they payed a lot of money for the right to broadcast.

The teams the Huskies played aren’t good. Everything you say is true, but I’m not going to be the one to try and protect their feelings.

N Suh was close to 90

Compare 50 to 90

UWDP: 50 is 40 less.

Steve Emtman was an extremely strong “fast” player. He was a penetrating one-gap tackle.

Vita Vea is a fast “extremely big, extremely strong” player. He’s a two-gap hole-filler.

Neither would really excel in the other’s role, the way they did/are in their own.

Purple out

Why did they deploy that against Cal? Was it mostly about making it a good experience for Togiai?

UWDP: The team thought the purple chrome would look especially good at night, and didn’t know if they’d get another chance to kick off late this season.

No, it wasn’t done for a single recruit.

They used lousy cupcakes on tv

What's your best cupcake recipe?

UWDP: Those made by other people.


Is it time to give me a little love over my concern for the kicking game? I'm going to start taking Lorazepam!

UWDP: It’s still not good. I still won’t trade anything on offense or defense for its improvement.

Start times

Predict them for the games against UCLA, Oregon, Utah, and the Cougs

UWDP: 9:00 am or earlier.


Should this metric be adjusted for location, time zones traveled, byes?

UWDP: They’re impossible to quantify.


Sun Devils Vs. Sun-Dodgers. Any comments?

UWDP: Go Sun Dodgers?


Do you see the US failing to qualify for the World Cup as a devastating setback or the kick in the pants we need to finally get good?

UWDP: I see it as something I did not know until just now.

I hope they’re good one day, but I put that below my well-wishes for the UW kicking game.


Have you ever played the NCAA football video games in dynasty modewhere you get to be coach, set depth charts, recruit, train, set schedules, etc?

UWDP: The exact same number of times I’ve played it in any other mode.


Do the dawgs come out slow or strong against ASU....... in the desert?.......(make that in spooky italics when you inevitably add this to the mailbag)

UWDP: I expect that the game is going to play out a lot like the Colorado game did - ASU will be extremely amped, will probably move the ball on their first series (maybe even score), and the defense is going to have a lot of energy. The Husky dominance will settle in, and the tide will clearly be turning before half time, even if it’s not totally evident on the scoreboard. The only thing that would change that is an early ASU turnover, like against Oregon last year.


UWDP has gone through waves this year: frenzy/fun with tons of comments and content, boredom in early season/off season, witch hunts for Landon, brown-nosed ass-kissing for good content.... tell us some of the stuff you've noticed, things you've read inbetween the lines, insight into the culture...nay, the organism that is UWDP.

UWDP: The biggest thing is that it tends to stagnate without controversy. Unlike most of the other writers, I’m in it for the comments more than the articles. When things are just plugging along, people get bored giving each other digital high fives and agreeing with each other.

No players have gotten into trouble, no assistant coaches need to imminently be fired, recruiting is “fine.” It’s exactly the type of well-oiled machine Chris Petersen would love.


ASU is yet another UW opponent coming off a bye: What kind of surprises if any, do you expect from ASU this week?

UWDP: They might have a “standard” trick play they’ll run early (double pass, onside kick, fake punt, etc.), but the bigger things are going to be that they’re healthier, and they’ll have a lot of energy at the beginning of the game. But the Huskies have the temperament to survive those sorts of things.

Coach Lake is fresh not salty

If both of the University of Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars football teams go undefeated (!) until the Apple Cup this year, would that game be the biggest football game that as EVER taken place within the state of Washington? Including professional and amateur football.

UWDP: Seahawks fans would likely argue one of their NFC Championship games, but I’d say yes, absolutely.

Million Dollar Question:

If the Huskies turn the ball over 3 times in the first half and once in the 4th quarter do we still pull out a victory?

UWDP: The Huskies have like an 88% chance to win the game Saturday according to oddsmakers. If ASU turns it over zero times while the Huskies turn it over four, then the odds obviously drop.

I read that in the NFL, teams with a -4 turnover margin have won like 15% of those games since 2010. The Huskies are a much better team than ASU, so more able to survive that situation. I’d (almost randomly) put the number at 40%.

If the Huskies are -3, I think they win. So, even with four turnovers, if they manage one takeaway, it’ll be enough.

Bottom shelf Ragu

There's 2 seconds left in the game and we have the ball on ASUs 5 yard line down by 6. You're coach Pete and you just called time out, what play do you dial up knowing our personnel and ASU's personnel to win the game?

UWDP: If ASU shows blitz (meaning man coverage on the outside with Dante Pettis), I’m throwing him a fade if the DB is playing inside leverage, and a slant if he’s head-up or outside. If ASU shows zone, I’m running a half-roll to a three receiver side, with Will Dissly or Drew Sample dragging across from the back side, and Myles Gaskin blocking and releasing all the way back across the field. If ASU is weak in the box, I’m running a lead power with a guard and an H-back plowing their way into the end zone.


Who is the next two way player for UW? I saw Vita Vea; Goalline package.

UWDP: I’m going with Justiss Warren, as a linebacker/pass-catching fullback.


Did the uniforms go too far this past Saturday? For me they did; to me it doesn't resemble much Husky. I like a traditional uniform that is recognizable and stands the test of time like pre-Neuheisel, not the flashy trendy stuff started by Oregon. If you look around the country all the "traditional" powers like USC, Michigan, Ohio St, Penn St, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, they all have their "traditional" uniform that changes very little over time. We seem to be the only school with 'tradition' that tries to be flashy with change up the uniform. Is there anything to what I'm saying? Am I just a crazy old man yelling at kids to get off my lawn? And please don't give me the standard 'if kid's like them I don't care what they wear' answer.

UWDP: Have you seen the stuff Michigan, Ohio State, and Oklahoma have worn recently? Very few teams don’t do it anymore.

I’d prefer not to change, but the fact is that the cat is so far out of the bag by now that I’m not sure there’s any going back, nor any sense in complaining about it anymore. There are other traditions I find far more important (some lost, some still exist) that I just can’t work up the energy.

You and I aren’t the demographic anymore. It actually is about what the players want at this point, whether we like it or not.


What will be the yards per attempt for ASU's passing on Saturday against UW's defense? (ASU hasn't been under 7.8 so far and UW hasn't allowed more than 6.4.)

UWDP: ASU has big-play potential in its passing game, and it’s actually a pretty good offense overall. They’ll find N’Keal Harry or Jalen Harvey for a big play or two that will make the numbers look okay in the end, but there’s going to be a lot of short passes for little gains in between. 7.0 when it’s all said and done.

That’s all. Go Dawgs!!