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Oregon State Beavers Game Preview and Open Thread

The Huskies look to rebound against a badly struggling Oregon State squad.

Scobel Wiggins-USA TODAY Sports

Date: Sunday, 1/7/16

Tip-Off Time: 12:00pm PST

TV: Pac-12 Network

Radio: Komo 1000

Oregon State Statistics:

Record: 4-11

Points For per Game: 64.8 ppg

Points Against per Game: 69.1 ppg

Strength of Schedule: 229th

Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 96.9 (299th)

Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 101.7 (135th)

Oregon State Key Players:

F- Drew Eubanks, So. 6-10, 250: 14.1ppg, 8.9rpg, 1.1apg, 58.1% FG, 69.2% FT

Eubanks killed the Huskies late in the year as a freshman and he has picked up where he left off as a sophomore. He has become a force on the low block for the Beavers both on the offensive and defensive end. Turnovers have been a major issue with three per game but when Eubanks holds onto the ball it’s usually going in the basket.

F- Tres Tinkle, So. 6-8, 220: 20.2ppg, 8.3rpg, 2.3apg, 44.4% FG, 77.6% FT, 16% 3pt

Tinkle has been out of action with an injury for more than a month but has been a difference maker while on the court. He shoots about as well as Tony Wroten from beyond the arc which needs to improve for him to turn into a true superstar in the conference.

G- Kendal Manuel, Fr. 6-4, 185: 8.5ppg, 2.1rpg, 1.8apg, 45.3% FG, 73.7% FT, 42.6% 3pt

Manuel actually leads the Beavers in offensive efficiency by virtue of being the best shooter on the team. He'll likely get a lot of wide open looks against the Huskies and is a good pick for relatively anonymous player on the other team who goes off with 6 three-pointers.

G- Jaquori McLaughlin, Fr. 6-4, 185: 11.6ppg, 2.6rpg, 2.6apg, 41.8% FG, 74.3% FT, 41% 3pt

McLaughlin has hold a solid freshman season whose best attribute is his thee-point shooting and otherwise isn't spectacular or awful at anything in particular.

G- Stephen Thompson, So. 6-4, 175: 16.1ppg, 4.3rpg, 3.6apg, 39.3% FG, 52.5% FT, 25.8% 3pt

Thompson has been the leading scorer with Tinkle out of the lineup but he certainly doesn't go about it easily. He's taking 30% of the Beavers' shots and UW should let him shoot it from deep. He's very good at drawing fouls so containing the drive will be critical against him.

The Outlook

The definition of must-win game changes when you're in Washington's position. The dream of a potential must-win game to get into the NCAA tournament sailed away several games ago. This is a must-win game for UW to finish above last in the conference. Oregon State and Washington State were supposed to be the punching bags of the conference but Wazzu's victory over both the Beavers and Huskies means the loser of Sunday's game is the odds on favorite to come in 12th.

It appears unlikely that Tres Tinkle will be back in time for this game which is a blessing for the Dawgs. Oregon State wasn't good with him in the lineup but they've been flat out atrocious since he got hurt. They've played 9 games against D-1 teams and are 1-8 with the lone win coming against Kent State and losses to Savannah State, Charlotte, Long Beach State, and Portland.

Washington is normally at a massive disadvantage in terms of experience but the Beavers are one of the few teams as young as UW. In their last 5 games, only one Oregon State upperclassman has played more than 5 minutes per game. While both teams are young, this will be a mishmash of style. Oregon State plays at one of the slowest paces in the country while UW plays at one of the fastest. Whichever team is able to establish the pace of the game will likely win. UW should win this game comfortably but the last week has shown that we may not be at rock bottom yet. Nonetheless, I'm picking the Dawgs to do just enough to win.


Washington Huskies- 78, Oregon State Beavers- 70