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2017 Fall Football Previews

2017 UW fall football previews

Opponent Defense Preview: Cal

It turns out Cal’s defense doesn’t suck this year. Crazy, right?

Opponent Defense Preview: Colorado

We’ve got your weekly dose of intel on Washington’s defensive opponent.

Day 1: what is UW’s ceiling?

Projections give way to reality tomorrow evening.

Day 4: the Ice Bath Time Machine

If you could go back in time and bring one former UW star onto this team, who would it be?

Day 8: the most offensive of the offenses

Who flexes the strongest offensive muscle among UW’s opponents?

Day 9: the baddest of the bad

Which defenses on the UW schedule pose strange and mortal threats to the Husky offense?

Day 11: doom and derailers for UW football

Washington hasn’t played a game yet. That means something could still go very wrong.

Day 13: time to get your drink on

We need to pick a rally beverage for the for 2017 season.

Washington Huskies Football 2017 Preview Better/Worse/Neutral: Punting and Kicking

A new role for a vetran and an old role for a rookie.

Better or Worse: can UW’s rush defense actually get better?

I don’t know. They were pretty nasty last year.

Washington Huskies Fall Camp Preview: Punters and Kickers

Can I kick it? Tristan can!

Day 21: Breakout Redshirt Freshman Candidates

A few highly touted redshirt freshmen have opportunities to step up this year.

Fall Camp Preview: Punt and Kick Returners

The Huskies continue life after Ross.

Washington Huskies Fall Camp Preview: Safeties

Taylor Rapp and JoJo McIntosh will be key in replacing Budda Baker

Fall Camp Preview: Linebackers

Seniors Azeem Victor and Keishawn Bierra anchor the linebacker group, and will look to lead “Death Row” in 2017.

Day 26: sports-hating on our biggest rivals

We can’t stand those least this year.

Huskies crack preseason top 10

It’s better than a stick in the eye.

Fall Camp Preview: Offensive Line

The big uglies are back.

Fall Camp Preview: the receiving corps on the upswing

Has the missing piece of the UW puzzle finally been found?

Fall Camp Preview: Running Backs

The Huskies should feature a dominant ground game in 2017 thanks to one of the nation’s strongest one-two backfield combinations.

Camp Preview: The QBs

Jake Browning and... some other dudes

Slicing and dicing UW’s roster announcements

Who’s in, who’s out, who’s left