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How to Watch Portland State at Washington: Game Time, TV Schedule, Live Streaming, Game Odds and More

Game three of this rugged, not really, non-conference schedule is upon us. With the Vikings coming to town, you know the younger players are going to get a bunch of reps.

NCAA Football: Portland State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle, WA -

Where: Husky Stadium, Seattle, WA

When: 5:00 p.m. Pacific / 8:00 p.m. EST

TV Info: Pac-12 Network - Jim Watson (play-by-play), Yogi Roth (color) and Cindy Brunson (sidelines) providing the commentary.

Radio Info: KOMO AM-1000/FM-97.7; Sirius (137) and XM (197)

Game-Week Previews: Our Game Week Coverage; and their Game Week Coverage for the game

How to Watch and Listen to the Huskies:

Audio Stream: TuneIn Radio

Video Stream: Pac-12 Live


There isn’t a lot of history between these two schools. If you want the long version, check out the game notes before. To sum up the relationship between these two schools ... Portland State is like Washington’s 7th step cousin, 4 times removed. They’ve played a whopping total of 1 game, which happened a couple of years ago, and it wasn’t pretty.

However, last year the Vikings happened to walk into Martin Stadium and punch the Cougs in the kidneys.

The team has been hit or miss, but mostly miss, the last two decades. However, their new coach, Bruce Barnum, had an extremely successful first season last year. He and his team are correctly looking to build off that season.


0 - The number of turnovers Portland State has forced this season ... I suppose that would also by their game average.

3 - The number of running backs Portland State has that are averaging over 70 rushing yards per game this season.

4 - The number of fumbles PSU has lost this season

5 - The number of sacks PSU has surrendered this season.

266 - The number of rushing yards Portland State is giving up each game this season.

277 - The number of passing yards Portland State is giving up each game this season.

543 - The average number of yards the Viking defense has conceded this season.

646 - The number of all-purpose yards the Vikings are giving up per game this season.

Putting it all Together

This game will probably mirror last weeks game against Idaho, only it will be less exciting. It’s the third cupcake in a row, and luckily for us fans, conference play begins real soon.

The problem with cupcakes is that they usually have way too much frostine. Every time I eat one, I can’t finish it. I end up leaving before I can get to the frostine. These games are the same thing. But, at least Portland is going to be walking away with over $500K to show for this game.

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Vegas Odds

There is no line this week. But ... do you really need one?

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