Our new Husky AD

I emailed Jen Cohen, deciding to give her some feedback on the Husky Football game day experience. We all have our likes and dislikes about the game day experience and some strong opinions on how it could be improved. I sent her my list of what I thought was wrong and possible solutions to those problems.

In the past I never received a response from either the AD or their staff members. This is going back to the Hedges era so there have been a few. What to my surprise though I got a personal response from Jen. She told me I should apply to the committee that will be looking into improving the game day experience.

Dawgfans this is a revelation and great news for Husky sports. An AD who is open minded and trying to solve problems and make things better. If you guys/gals have ideas email her and give her your input. If you'Re available apply to that committee. I can't do it because I live in Richland. Anyway just wanted to pass along this great news GO DAWGS!!