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Dots: Darrell Daniels Aims to Impress

Preseason polls split widely on Washington’s outlook, one of UW’s tackles is primed for a breakout year, and a local five-star offensive lineman considers Big Ten country.

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NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

This is the column that launched my life as a blogger. As many of you know, I joined with the founder of this space, John Berkowitz, as a volunteer on his first iteration of the ‘Pound to help him run what is now called a link dump so that Husky fans could easily find content of interest around the web. Since then, things have changed.

Many things have changed.

The UWDP is now one of the premier properties on SB Nation - a division of Vox Media. Using an index of page visits, unique visitors and site interactivity, we are consistently in the top 15 of all college properties across the network. Among our PAC 12 cohorts, we are consistently in the top 3 along with the Cal and UCLA sites. And still, our growth rates continue off of the charts.

You may have noticed that the writing staff has also changed. Ryan and I have been so thrilled to welcome Jeffrey, Gabey, Kevin (for a second time!) and John in the last few months. Along with Lucas and Dilletaunt, they compose what I think is the finest UW writing staff on the planet. And, did I mention, they are all volunteers?

Their content plus your engagement has turned this place into a vibrant community. I’m proud to be associated with it and I’m very appreciative for all of you who come to visit the site - especially those of you who remain silent observers of what we do here (I know there are many of you).

So, I’m back to where it began today. Dot...Dot...Dawg. Eat ‘em up, Dawgs.


... So, this happened:

...Adam Jude in his latest camp report features Darrell Daniels and his quest to emerge as the next great Husky Tight End.

...We’ve written much about the Husky hype train. However, it is worth noting that there is significant difference among the pre-season polls on just how good UW projects to be.

...That said, Vegas still loves Washington more than anybody else in the PAC 12.

...Is Kaleb McGary a real break out candidate for UW in 2016? Could be.

...Could UW mega-recruit Foster Sarrell be thinking that Huskers > Huskies?

...ASJ made news this offseason by getting dropped to second-team with the Tampa Bay Bucs. But look who is back.

...Here is a SportTechie look at the Vicis helmets that have recently been put on hold for adoption by the Huskies.

...Go check out the our SB Nation sister site - the newly reminted Building the Dam. They recently wrote a preview of the UW / Oregon State game that is definitely worth a read.

...Former UW star Bishop Sankey, now buried on the Tennessee Titans depth chart, still believes in his potential.

...UW’s Men’s and Women’s soccer teams had exhibition games that didn’t turn out so well. But, hey, we are talking ‘bout practice, right?

...Are you excited?

That’s it, Dawgs. Go do something good today. And don’t forget to “REC” your UWDP writers by checking the gold star at the top of the articles you like. #WOOF