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30 Day Countdown: Day 20 - Washington’s Most Stylish

I’m not even gonna pretend I didn’t have way too much fun writing this.

Hey, Warren Moon would’ve been in the running for today’s question too, were it 1978.

When I’m not busy talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the Cover 3 or the superiority of rugby-tackling or the decision making abilities of Everybody’s Favorite Bolt-Action Rifle, sometimes, just sometimes, I get girly. Based on my topic for today, this is one of those times.

On Day 27 of our "Best F*&%ing Countdown Ever" (Latin for "Scientific Analysis of Husky Football") Mr. John Sayler warned you all of the impending occasional fluff pieces that will have to come up if we’re keeping this rolling for 30 days. That’s true. I do however have a bone to pick with his claim that there is nothing sillier and fluffier than talking about uniforms.

Because today we’re talking about - you guessed it - Washington’s most stylish Husky.

As the only chick on the masthead, I’m basically our de facto fashion expert and whatever I say goes. All dissenters should prepare to be crushed. Or sent to a gulag in northern British Columbia, whichever is most convenient. Also, if somebody could remind me periodically to never run for office that would be great because if this is any indication, I enjoy wielding power far too much.

Also also, no, this is not an invitation to bring up your fiery political opinions in the comments, Tailgater.

Here are our choices:

A) Kevin King, Brandon Beaver, and Darrell Daniels

Now before you point out that these are in fact three people, remember how I punish dissent. With that in mind, I have no choice but to put these three as one option because the three of them have their own clothing line. That’s rad!

Not only are these three musketeers style-inclined, they’re stylish with purpose. I wouldn’t have thought that developing a clothing brand could showcase one’s OKGness, but they do just that. It’s no wonder King and Daniels were Pete’s picks to come down to Los Angeles for Pac-12 Media Days.

B) Psalm Wooching

I make this nomination based on Wooching’s creativity with eye black designs alone. Unfortunately it looks like he won’t be able to do that this season (which we can all agree is some bullcrap legislation by the Pac-12), but whatever.

Then factor in that he always seems to have cool ever-changing hair - but not in a pretty boy, Cristiano Ronaldo-style, I’m-gonna-come-out-in-the-second-half-with-a-different-perfectly-gelled-haircut-because-my-first-half-hair-wasn’t-cute-enough way. Rather, he always has the I’m-gonna-beat-the-deuce-out-of-your-quarterback-and-enjoy-every-minute-of-it look going on.

Just can't wait to step on the field again with my "death row" #GoDAWGS

A photo posted by Psalm wooching (@psalmwooching) on

Psalm Wooching: Cool hair, cool eye black, cool name - what doesn’t this guy have?

C) Tevis Bartlett

I only say this because, last I saw, Bartlett was rocking Bieber hair circa ‘09 and that’s all it takes. Moving on.

D) Sidney Jones

I only have one image to base this on. Check it out:

It's the dawg in me

A photo posted by Sidney Jones IV (@sidneyjonesiv) on

It's the dawg in me

A photo posted by Sidney Jones IV (@sidneyjonesiv) on

Like, I’m not even a tattoo fan but I still have to admit how killer that is. Seriously. If the question was "Which Washington football player has the most stylish left forearm?" Sidney Jones would win hands down. Because that’s one stylish left forearm.

Honorable Mention: Chris Petersen

Say whaaaat - ?

The verdict:

Chris Petersen, duh. My work here is done.

For real though, what The Three Musketeers are up to with Always Original is super cool, as is the way they talk about their venture and what it represents to them. Between Pac-12 Media Days, their brand, and other interviews, the more I hear from Daniels and King (and, now he’s on my radar, Brandon Beaver), the more I value them as Huskies and people.

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.