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Friday Dots: More praise for Markelle Fultz, Vita Vea is downright skinny

Can a reshaped nose tackle mean even more versatility for the stout UW defensive line?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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Football Dots

  • Great photo gallery of yesterday's practice here.
  • The AP Top 25 doesn't come out until August 21st, but John Wilner released his Top 25 on College Hotline. He has UW 10th, citing their "first-class defense" and favorable schedule.

Dawgman guys with their 20-minute take on Day Four:

A little bit of this:



QB transferred from UW to Utah:

Not-Football Dots

  • Over 100 NCAA basketball coaches were polled by CBS sports. The question: which player would you want to add to your team? Markelle Fultz came in just behind Duke's Grayson Allen for the top spot. Among the things said about Fultz: "He is a game and program changer. He's like a Swiss Army knife."

Retro Dot

I don’t know what is worse; the audio, the video or Lambright’s shirt. Nevertheless, WHAMMY!