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Dots: Husky Recruiting Targets at The Opening

Husky football recruits are competing against the best players in the country at The Opening in Oregon.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

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Football Dots

  • First, big shoutout to new UWDP writer Russ Johnson! He recently broke down our current 2017 offensive commits in a piece here, and you can expect more great stuff in the future. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for the latest updates!
  • Dawgman breaks down the offensive ($) and defensive targets for the Huskies competing at The Opening. When was the last time UW had 3 commits at The Opening?

  • Back to the Huskies, they check in at #2 on the Pac-12 Blog's list of offensive triplets. The Huskies selected certainly have the quality and potential, but will need to make some big strides to be considered one of the most feared three-headed monsters in the conference.

Who isn't seriously excited for Byron Murphy to step on the field?

A little hope for our OL this season!