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Dots: UW football faces a less-brutal schedule, Andrew Andrews to play in invitational, and it's fun to watch Chantel Osahor drain threes

Just when you thought there were enough reasons for optimism, computers are now on the Husky bandwagon as well.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

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Football Dots

  • ESPN's computer-generated Football Power Index gives the Huskies the best chance in the Pac-12 to go undefeated. Don't get too excited, there's a 1.2% likelihood of that happening. A big reason is the easiest schedule in conference this year. UW's schedule is ranked the 50th toughest in FBS; it's about time!

  • FPI also gives UW the second best chance to win the conference. Ted Miller likes Stanford; what else is new?

  • We all like Budda Baker, right? Well, crap; now I love the guy after reading this Bruce Feldman article. He's not just an "OKG," he's everybody's kinda guy.

Basketball Dots

  • If you like watching Chantel Osahor drill lazy, flat-footed 3-pointers then you are not alone. This is the most viewed video on the Pac-12 Network's website.

  • The UW women will be honored at Safeco on Sunday

Misc Dots

  • UW Women's tennis released the video below to promote it's matchup with Stanford at noon today.