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Dots: Shelton Switching to Center, UW Football Sees Dip in 2014-15 APR

Assessing a small decline in UW football's APR, taking a look at Coleman Shelton's shift to center, and more.

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Football Dots

  • Washington football experienced a small decline in Academic Progress Rate in 2014-15, but the one-year change only made a small dent in UW's strong four-year score of 971, which still ranks third in the Pac-12. Considering that Petersen reported a team GPA of 3.13 this past year, it seems likely we will see APR climb next season. (It was pointed out in the comments that I previously listed the 14-15 football score at 893. This was incorrect and has been changed. Basketball scored 893, football scored 962)

Basketball Dots

  • Looks like the Huskies will have to look elsewhere for JUCO help.