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Chris Petersen releases new Husky Football Roster; reveals shakeup at TE, and a mostly slimmed down Offensive Line

The Lindquist move to TE seems to be official, and Mathis is now a Linebacker. Plus some notable weight changes.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Petersen's staff released the first official 2016 Football Roster today, and here at UW Dawg Pound we are quick to dig into it.

The first thing that jumped out to all of us was the first official evidence that Jeff Lindquist is now a Tight End... because, you know, we can never stop talking about Jeff. Equally notable is the move from TE to WR for former Gonzaga basketball player Connor Griffin, who has dropped 10 pounds.

Joe Mathis is now listed as an Outside Linebacker instead of Defensive End, which can get everyone talking BUCK for the next five and a half months. Ben Burr-Kirven is up in weight from 201 to 215, as everyone had hoped and expected. Redshirt Freshmen Linebackers Jusstis Warren, D.J. Beavers, and Kyler Manu have put on additional weight as expected. Amandre Williams is listed on the roster, which obviously means he will be involved in spring activities and will bolster a deep linebacking core.

Several Offensive Linemen including Jake Eldrenkamp, Shane Brostek, and Michael Kneip have shed some pounds, while Andrew Kirkland and Matt James got bigger.

JoJo McIntosh and incoming freshman Taylor Rapp will be competeing for the Strong Safety position and have each added over 10 pounds.

Elijah Qualls is up 10 pounds, while Vita Vea lost 11. Check out the complete list of eye-catchers below:

Who Beefed up? Who Slimmed Down?

Player POS 2015 2016
Tevis Bartlett LB 218 229
Brandon Beaver S 196 188
DJ Beavers LB 211 224
Shane Bowman DL 273 290
Shane Brostek OL 305 285
Ben Burr-Kirven LB 201 215
Jake Eldrenkamp OL 296 284
Greg Gaines DT 310 318
Connor Griffen WR 235 225
Matt James OL 285 291
Andrew Kirkland OL 307 313
Michael Kneip OL 302 284
Brayden Lenius WR 220 228
Kyler Manu LB 225 237
JoJo McIntosh S 196 208
Michael Neal TE 229 237
Elijah Qualls DL 311 321
Taylor Rapp DB 195 (HS) 206
Drew Sample TE 245 260
Bryce Sterk LB 234 242
Vita Vea DT 340 329
Jusstis Warren LB 239 250
Amandre Williams LB 210 (HS) 223