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Plum too sweet for Terps

In one of the biggest upsets in women's BBall history, the Washington Huskies defeated the Maryland Terrapins to move on to the Sweet 16 in Lexington, Kentucky.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kelsey Plum and the Washington Huskies women's team scored a HUGE upset over the Maryland Terrapins.  The Lady Terps had been to the Final Four the past two years.

What made this win more impressive was that it came at the home of the Terrapins in College Park.  Maryland had just three losses this season.  It had lost to #1 UConn and #7 ranked Ohio State this season.

Kelsey Plum led the Lady Dawgs with 32 points.

It's the first sweet 16 appearance for the Lady Huskies in 15 years.