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March Madness Open Thread Day 2

We will miss you Mrs. Enfield and Sean Miller's Saville Row shirt

Miller's shirt in better days
Miller's shirt in better days
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was definitely a great day of NCAA Tournament basketball Thursday with the requisite upsets.  The Pac-12 did not do well with Utah as the only survivor from Thursday.

Colorado, USC and Arizona all bowed out of the tournament.  The 3 Pac-12 teams were higher-seeded but lost.  Perhaps Arizona was the most disappointing as it lost to Wichita St., a team that played Tuesday in The First Four.

If you watched the game, you could tell from his shirt that Arizona Coach Sean Miller was concerned about his team's play.  Fortunately, his shirt spoke out.

Oregon, Oregon St. and Cal are up today.  How many Pac-12 teams will survive today?

How's your bracket?  Discuss.