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Dots: March Madness Kicks Off, Isaiah Thomas Gets Mad

Read up on the various Pac-12 tourney matchups and keep up to date on UW alumni in the NBA.

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  • Ted Miller has been putting together State of the Program updates over at the ESPN Pac-12 Blog. Recent updates include the USC Trojans and Utah Utes.
  • This list predicting the most impactful freshman for each Pac-12 school unsurprisingly selected Byron Murphy. That's about it for football news in the last 24 hours. Almost feels wrong to put Football on top these days...though that will change in the Spring. Feel free to prove me wrong by commenting with the links I failed to find.


  • Bleacher Report just posted a brand new NBA Mock Draft for the first round that features neither Chriss nor Murray. Pac-12 products like Jaylen Brown, Poetl, and Rabb are listed. Obviously this is just one man's prediction and is not directly tied to decision-making, but it's a reminder that a consensus on Murray/Chriss does not necessarily exist. This Yahoo mock draft from a few days ago also fails to include either player.
  • Speaking of Ivan Rabb...the young forward has a big decision to make. Overshadowed by Brown, who has long been assumed to be a one-and-done freshman, Rabb can choose to jump to the league or come back to play a year as an even more important part of Cal's squad.
  • UW-alum Isaiah Thomas was obviously upset by Boston's 130-109 loss to the Thunder despite scoring 29 points. He said the team played "tissue soft" and declared it the Celtics worst loss of the year. Considering he called out the team as a unit and not just his teammates, it seems like exactly the kind of fire you want from your star point guard. IT is clearly not going to settle for that typical Eastern Conference life of earning an 8th seed and a first round exit year after year.
  • Oregon earned a number-one seed, which means playing a team called Holy Cross. If you know nothing about them and want to remedy that situation, read this.