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LISTEN: Discussing how UW might defeat Alabama

Chris Landon joins Lewis Woodard on SB Nation Radio to talk about UW’s chances in the Peach Bowl

Pac-12 Championship - Colorado v Washington Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Everybody wants to discuss the creative ways that UW might lose to Alabama - a team increasingly being identified as one of the best ever fielded in the history of college football.

Does UW have a chance? Is there anyway that UW could pull off an upset? Does anybody actually believe Nick Saban or any of his assistants when they claim that the Huskies are the “hands down” the best team the Crimson Tide have faced all season?

If you have 10 minutes to kill, check out my interview with Lewis Woodard of SB Nation Radio. We talk about the state of offenses in college football, Jake Browning’s progress as a QB and what it might take for the Huskies to shock the world.

Click through on the link in the Tweet to find the podcast with my name on it. My interview begins at the 19:45 mark.