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Give Your 500 for Jake

It's a simple premise, it's fun, and it can do some good.

Editor's Note:  Husky fan theBaseHit came to me with an interesting idea that he is pursuing in his own life.  He wanted to share it with all of you.  #GoDawgs  --CL

With a simple gesture, an extended left index finger, Jake Browning executed a quantum shift. And coalesced a team.

He also drew a fifteen-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a punishment of 500 pushups from his head coach.

His teammates rallied to his side, offering to do pushups for him. Now it's time for Dawg Nation to do the same. Coach Pete wouldn't let his teammates do pushups for him, but he can't stop us from doing our 500 for Jake.

What's the 500 you can give for Jake? Do 500 of something. I'm donating $500 to the White Center Food Bank. And I'm sending a copy of that to Coach Pete. My 500 for Jake. And my thank you to Jake for burying the streak, righting the universe, and being Jake.

Step up for Jake, fellow Dawgs, and give your 500. Make the world a better place, because Jake did.

What's your 500?

Send it to Coach Pete to let him know we're with Jake and thanking him.