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Huskies at No. 4 in Latest College Football Playoff Rankings

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The Dawgs are now members of the in-crowd after being snubbed in the selection committee’s first rankings.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the College Football Playoff selection committee’s controversial decision to rank a one-loss Texas A&M team at No. 4 above unbeaten Washington threw college football fans across the country for a loop. Today, the Dawgs found themselves on the other side of that all-important divide ahead of one-loss teams such as Ohio State and Louisville. Coming in at No. 4, it represents Washington’s highest-ever position in the committee’s rankings, as well as the program’s first time being included in the top-four.

The Pac-12 conference as a whole got a nice bump from last week’s rankings, too. In the committee’s first rankings, No. 5 Washington, No. 15 Colorado, No. 16 Utah and No. 25 Washington State represented the conference. This week, the Pac-12’s teams are No. 4 Washington, No. 12 Colorado, No. 15 Utah, No. 20 USC and No. 23 Washington State. After enduring shots at their weak strength-of-schedule, the Huskies could conceivably face three ranked teams in their final four games (vs. USC, at WSU, and vs. USC, Utah or Colorado) if they were to earn a berth in the Pac-12 championship game.